Need Some Sports Pricing Perspective?(More Marlies)

So I have been on this Marlies kick all week. They are playing at home tonight by the way, good seats, I am told are still available. Sean Gordon has a great article on all things Tampa Lightning in tomorrow’s globe and mail. The only thing I can tell you first hand is that everything I have heard has been that things are bad with a capital B. In any event this post isn’t about the Lightning’s troubles. If you want to read more about that read Sean’s article.

This is one of the gems in his story:

“So, like other southern teams, they have instituted promotions: $39 will get you two tickets, two hot dogs, two beers and a parking spot.”

WHAT…..An NHL team is charging that??????

$35 got me in the door. Another $35 for my kid. I paid $12 to park. I then paid about $7.50 for cold, stale popcorn and a bottle of water- nuts and bolts, nuts and bolts I got screwed!

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