2nd NHL Team In Toronto? Read This!

If you want to read the best article on this non-issue check out Stephen Brunt’s excellent piece in today’s Globe and Mail, talk about nailing it…:

“Still, without the league, and without the Maple Leafs, none of that really matters. As of today, Bettman remains committed to maintaining 30 teams in their current homes, avoiding relocation at all costs — though that position may well already be untenable. The crashing economy has only heightened the problems for franchises that were already hemorrhaging money. There are still pipe dreams about fresh U.S. markets, including one of that country’s foreclosure capitals, Las Vegas, but the truth is that of the possible places to move a team in North America, only Toronto and environs would seem absolutely failsafe….. And if the Leafs were for some reason convinced to make a deal, wouldn’t the indemnification — plus the cost of the club, plus the cost of building an arena — cut deeply into the perceived bonanza? It’s not that it can’t happen, or that it won’t ever happen, or that, circumstances being right, it couldn’t happen quickly. But it can’t, it won’t, without some fundamental changes in philosophy, and we aren’t there quite yet.”

And that my friends, is all I have to say about that!


The excellent piece is here

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