Larry Brooks on Tortorella – Officials Treatment of Avery A Scandal?

Larry Brooks was on with Watters and Brady today. I have been after Brooks of late for some of his moronic anti-Toronto musings, however I have to say I am right with him when it comes to the issue of John Tortorella. Here is what Brooks told Watters and Brady:

Tortorella is obtuse and difficult to deal with. He clearly has different rules for himself and for others. He demands discipline from others, but not from himself. It’s outrageous that a coach is suspended in the middle of the playoffs and he won’t explain it and why he did what he did.

The Avery benching decision was complex. Not sure that sitting him wasn’t necessary for Sean. This has been a difficult process for Sean coming back…Because, no one expected him to get the benefit of the doubt with the officials, which he hasn’t earned. However, no one was prepared for the officials having their own frontier justice system towards him either. The punishment, the , hits after the whistles… it’s as if the officials are setting up for Avery to get hurt, this is a scandal. After Avery’s break down, he took two of the worst penalties Brooks has ever seen. May have been better for Avery to sit. Tororella of course refused to explain his decision which is also wrong.

Tortorella’s loss of controlwas inexcusable. If he felt threatened he should have called the ref over and refused to play, instead he acted childishly …

The Rangers letter to the league was embarrassing for the rangers to release. Rangers attempt to portray themselves as victims is laughable. Their coach lost control and it would have been inexcusable had the league not suspended. The NHL would have looked worse then they do on their worst days.

A player or a coach has no business confronting a fan, physically or verbally. Tortorella went to great lengths to go after the fan- It wasn’t any easy task to throw the bottle at the fan. He had to work at it. Then, he grabbed the stick as if he were prepared to joust with the fan- It’s embarrassing actions for a supposed leader.

If the Rangers win it will be Miracle on Ice 2.

And there ya have it. Not to bad from Homer Simpson. Clearly he doesn’t get his tips form Tortorella. Good stuff Larry. I have new found respect for you.

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