Are Poker Players Trash? Joan Rivers Thinks So

You gotta watch this- classic.:


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    My God to people actually watch this shit? I couldn’t get through 60 seconds.

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    Yes, the show is trash – like most reality shows. I admit it – I have seen a bunch of episodes this season. The interesting thing about the show is that it does not appear to be staged and has exposed some celebs true character (and perhaps affected their careers)….Joan and Melissa Rivers were “the good guys” until this episode…they really looked brutal. Also, Dennis Rodman, who’s bball career is over may have endoresment issues after having his drinking problem exposed on the show. Clint Black is apparently an asshole.

    Anyway – yes it’s trash but better than most of the reality crap on these days.

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    Eggbert 11 years ago

    I’ve watched some episodes too lt67

    After watching this one iit became clear that Melissa has some bigtime parnoia issues,it was painful to watch

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    Jackie O 11 years ago

    I think Melissa is the Liberace version of Joan Rivers. Her face has been sculpted to be a “mini-me” Joan. She looks like she is 55 trying to look 40. The sad truth is she is 40 looking 55. Just put them on the Starship Enterprise and beam them up! By the way, Melissa should not have to say “Mother, jump in please”!!!!