It isn’t so bad in T.O.

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One thing I keep hearing from many Toronto sports fans is how disappointed they are about the state of affairs of Toronto’s sports teams. My reaction is the same every time I hear this. Fans of this opinion need to stop their whining.
If you can’t handle a few years of frustration, why don’t you move to a city where there are no professional sports teams and see how you like it. As Torontonians we are lucky to live in a city where there are a variety of pro teams to choose from. We’ve got NBA, NHL, MLB, and CFL. We have lacrosse and soccer played at the pro level. We even have NFL football as the Bills are playing one game each season at the Rogers Center. What more can you ask for?
In 2004, the Leafs were busy racking up 103 points, the Argos won the Grey cup, and the Toronto Rock won their sixth strait division title. Not quite what the city of Boston has enjoyed in recent years, but not bad. Even Bostonians have had their share of misery.
I’d rather suffer through some years of sorrow than live in a city where you have to root for teams in other cities. At any time of year in Toronto one can see a sport played at its highest level. Very few Cities can boast this. Try going to a TFC game. The crazy atmosphere at BMO field makes Leaf games sound like a book club.
If you don’t like the Toronto sports scene, move to Nunavut. It is a beautiful place with great ice fishing.


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