The Maple Leafs Playoffs 2009

No, I am not drunk. Great games tonight. Funny how much a non-playoff team is involved in the current battle for the cup…


Ron Wilson got fired for not being able to advance the San Jose Sharks to the promise land….Despite a new bench boss, the sharks are yelling FORE right about now. Joe Thornton, who was rumored to be relived Wilson was gone, isn’t talking to the press. Hmmmmm, maybe it was the players and not the coach. If Wilson was Joe T’s problem stop the Joe T to Toronto rumors right now.

Brian Burke’s old team turned it on just in time. Ducks v Red Wings will be fun. Everyone said he left them a mess. If the Ducks beat the Wings, we should be so lucky to have such a mess.

Mats Sundin in Vancouver, with a buddy. Word is that Sundin is back in fine form after missing a few games. Nothing a few days in Whistler won’t cure I am sure.

Nik Antropov finsihed the season strong and started the playoffs okay. He seemed to fizzle out before starting the game well tonight. He had a nice goal then took a penalty, allowing the Caps to tie up the game before going on to win. By the way kudos to Sean Avery who was awesome tonight. One of the best players on the ice (he played with big Nik).

Paul Maurice in Carolina, this is a shocker, to me at least. Maurice looked as if he didn’t know an X from an O while in Toronto has turned the Canes around big time. Down by a goal late, they not only tied it up but went on to victory.

I am sure i am missing others, but it certainly to see the Maple Leaf effect and ramifications on the playoffs. Meanwhile, Mr. Burke has been quiet. No changes as of yet and Monster signing either. Lots of talk and lots more to come.


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