Thanks for your time J.P. but….

I find the topic of J.P. Ricciardi a very polarizing one. Some people are staunch supporters, while many want to burn him at the stake. I’m sort of in the middle, but one thing is for certain. Only a playoff spot for the 2009 Jays should save him his job, and they are not making the playoffs.
Given the Jays solid start, J.P. supporters might think I’m crazy, but hear me out.
My financial advisor was doing ok for me. He made some pretty good moves and some really bad ones. I told him, “Thanks for your time, but I’m going to move in another direction”. Mediocrity is not what I’m looking for. J.P. has made some good moves. He’s drafted players like Adam Lind, Aaron Hill and Jesse Litsch to name a few. He’s also made some horrible moves. Giving an aging Frank Thomas $10 million per was insane! Letting Reed Johnson go for squat to keep Shannon Stewart was ridiculous. I’m sure you can think of many more.
He has also alienated players and their agents. Remember what he said about Adam Dunn? Let me remind you. “He’s not a guy who like’s to play Baseball, or enjoys what he does.” FYI J.P., Adam Dunn has averaged 41 homers and 100 RBI’s the last five seasons. The last time I checked, no one on your roster has done anything close to that, including your $126 million dollar man, Vernon Wells.
Teams often make the mistake of keeping or resigning a GM just because of a hot start or better then expected performance. Remember the Leafs in 2006? They picked up the option on John Ferguson Jr’s contract because of a hot start to the season and we all know how that ended.
J.P. was signed in 2001. Of all the GM’s that are still with their team since that time, he is the only one who has not got his team into the playoffs. There are probably worse GM’s out there, but the Jays can definitely do better. So, unless they make the playoffs, thanks for your time J.P., but the Jays need to move in another direction.

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