Toronto Sports Media Has A New Voice

Editor’s Note: Here is an introduction from a new writer at TSM, Lilly. Lilly is an avid fan and a great writer. Please leave her a kind, welcome comment or 3. TSM

Hello sports fans! My name is Lilly . I’m from Toronto and am a Student enrolled at the College of Sports Media (CSM), for radio and television sports broadcasting. I was a wrestler back in 2002-2003. I was also part of the debut season with the Toronto Roller Derby in 2006. I decided to go to CSM after I saw an article in the paper about the school by Marty York. As far as I’m concerned it was the best decision I have ever made.I have always found it interesting that there are many different networks, stations and newspapers that will deliver the same information, but in a totally different style from one another. Allowing the viewer or reader access to the same material but to come away with a different view of what happened is paramount. Let’s start with TSN. This is where people will most likely go to first for their sports info. They’ve got their talent in suits and ties, formal format. It’s like watching the news but, not really. There is nothing wrong with this approach, but hey, it’s sports! For the most part you’re reporting on people playing games for a living. Shouldn’t it be a little bit more relaxed? I mean COME ON!! CBC is the same way. It’s a more formal approach to sports reporting. Which brings me to Sportsnet and The Score. These two stations are much more relaxed. The talent wears dress shirts, blazers and jeans. It’s a Casual and more relaxed environment. Cabbie’s approach to sports is the best out there. He brings new meaning to being yourself. He is 100% himself. I think that’s what athletes want. Not the same old questions, but rather a reporter asking them different questions that have nothing to do with the game or even the sport. I think it makes sense to have a more casual approach to sports. Because, after all it’s sports.


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