NHLPA On Phoenix Coyote Ownership

Like Denis Lemieux in Slapshot, Gord Stellick and Don Landry on the Fan 590 this morning asked NHLPA guru Glen Healy, WHO OWN DA Coyotes? Unfortunately, Healey’s response wasn’t “Owwwwnsa, Owwwwnsa” as it would have been a hell of a lot more entertaining then the “no comment” that it took the better part of 25 minutes to get out of Healey. Do you remember hearing the stories about the concoction that Darcy Tucker used to drink before a game, 1/2 coffee, 1/2 diet coke to get the Sideshow Bob thing going? One has to wonder what it is that Healy ingests before getting his day going as well.

His tirade on NBC’s decision to show game one of the Caps vs. Pens series with the understanding that the game be moved over if it runs late because of “a horse race” was pathetic. IT’S THE KENTUCKY DERBY!! This isn’t just some horse race. He is upset they aren’t showing game 2. I get that. Versus isn’t the greatest network on the dial. I get that too. IT’s THE KENTUCKY DERBY! I love Healey’s line “and we get all this for free”. It’s pretty easy throwing darts from his lofty PA position, isn’t it.

After all the bs, the guys tried to nail him down on the Coyotes ownership and all he would really say was no comment. IT’s THE KENTUCKY DERBY! Just kidding. The reality is, Healy all but confirmed what the Glendale City Manager said 2 days ago when he claimed that the NHL is running the team. I don’t care what anyone affiliated with the team has to say. Healy told Landry and Stellick to call Bettman’s own radio show and ask him if the league likes paying the bills for a franchise. The best, of course is the new line du jour for Healy, “our job, the job of the PA is to put the best product on the ice. We have no say in where teams play or any of that.” So remember folks, the next time there is a horseshit game, it’s the PA’s fault.

Meanwhile, things in Arizona should get pretty interesting. Whether they like it or not. The cat is out of the bag. The value of the team (the one that made other potential owners run when they saw the books) just dropped BIG TIME. There is nothing Bettman Inc. can do about that now.

I am off to Detroit this afternoon. Will write more from Hockeytown. Anyone else notice how the Red Wings are the forgotten team in this years playoffs. All the mention of the Caps, Penguins, Blackhawks, Canucks, Bruins and oh yeah, that other team that seems to win the cup every year…

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