What’s with NHL Playoffs on TSN2?

You would think that one of the biggest sports networks would make all of the playoff games available. Right? Wrong.

TSN2 has got to be the biggest stick in my spokes. Especially now when the playoffs are heating up. This twin station is only available on Cogeco which is outside the city of Toronto. It ‘s the Greater Toronto Area. Why wouldn’t this station be available to the entire city? It doesn’t make sense. Detroit is a team that has such a huge fan base all over North America. People want to watch this series. There’s even a diner on the Danforth dedicated to the Red Wings. The Detroit Eatery. In Toronto!

So let’s just say that the Anaheim Detroit series goes to game seven….which it probably will. The last two teams who won the Stanley Cup are playing each other. There’s no way it will be a sweep for either team. They’ll duke it out to the very end. Game 2 had triple overtime. Imagine game seven. They’ll be playing until the sun comes up, but, guess what….The game is on TSN2. Now if you really want to watch that game, you’d better make friends in Georgetown because that’s where you’ll be able to watch it.

The only reason that I can think why such an exciting series could potentially end on a station where only a percentage of people can watch, is because they’re anticipating up to game 5 or 6. Then I get it. But if the rest of the games are as exciting as the game last night, game seven should have been on TSN.

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