Just How Bad Does The Bullpen Have To Get?

The Jays are tearing it up, 2 Stanley Cup playoff game go to OT last night, a Toronto Area Billionaire is trying to bring a second hockey team to Toronto and what do you hear on the Fan 590 this morning?

“I really like Bruce Springsteen, who in the sports world do you like?” (he only mentioned the Boss about 28 times today)

A Caller- “I really like Al McInnis” Hogan “Why” Caller ” I don’t know, cause he was really good.”
A Caller-” Can say someone I like who isn’t in sports?” Hogan “Sure, have at it” Caller ” I really like Karen Carpenter” Hogan “Why?” Caller “Everything she went through”

That is how Hogan started the show. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME???????????????? THAT’S THE BEST WE GOT IN TORONTO??????????????

But wait, it gets better (or worse, depending on your view)

Toth shows up. Now remember, Toth is the guy who doesn’t want any of us watching BIG sporting events unless we actually go to the smaller regular events. So you can’t watch the World Juniors unless you actually support your closest team by going to the games on a regular basis. Clearly you can’t watch the Kentucky Derby unless you go our to woodbine all the time either. In any event, Toth joined the show and started by saying that he was in a bad mood. Why was he in a bad mood? “He had a nightmare last night”.. Riveting radio I know. Then he went on to say how pissed he was at the OHL game last night becuase it was so busy he had to park far away! YOU ARE SUCH A HYPOCRITE! YOU BEG PEOPLE TO GO AND WHEN THEY DO YOU GET PISSED???????

How bad does this show have to get before a change gets made??? Someone please tell me.


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