Sports Review For Friday- More Balsillie, Coyotees etc.

I caught a little bit of Bill Daily’s media tour today. He is clearly an angry man. He was on XM, he was on the Fan 590 and he was on 640 Toronto. He never said anything new, all the same chatter. The NHL (despite their own reports to the contrary) have been working with the Coyotes for months on a “solution” to their financial woes. A solution that would have seen their owner Jerry Moyes lose every penny that he put into the franchise (about 300m). What a surprise, Moyes decided to take a different route. Now, Bettman and Daily aren’t pleased. They were sabotaged, victims of a run around. Am I the only one who thinks that the boys from the league never told Moyes he was to lose every penny he put into the franchise????

Now for the roundup:

Jack Armstrong,while on the radio today was trying to recall the late comedian who used to pull on his collar and say ‘I don’t get no respect’. Armstrong interrupted his co-host of the day, Eric “E” Smith with this gem, “Red Buttons, that is who I meant, the comedian was Red Buttons.”


Hanky had a rumor on his site that the Canucks are on the verge of signing the Sedin twins to an extension today. A media source sent me this note in response ” I will be my career on that not happening during the series with chicago.”


Bob McKenzie hit a home run tonight.:

“It appears as though everyone involved with this case is a ‘legal expert’ but who is kidding who? No one really knows where this is headed. The only thing I can safely predict is that no matter what happens, whether the court rules in favour of Moyes and Balsillie or the NHL, I can’t imagine that there is a scenario whereby the Coyotes start next season in Hamilton because of all the legal appeals that could happen.”

So true. I said this before. If the outcome were easily predictable there would be no reason to have lawyers. The NHL, Moyes and Balsille are paying BIG bucks for advise and counsel. 2 things you need to know about the law. 1. It is never cheap. 2. It is never predictable.

Stephen Brunt is of the mindset that at some point or antoher Wayne Gretzky may have to choose a side in this battle:

“if this turns into the war to end all wars – with Bettman on one side, representing the NHL status quo and the sunbelt strategy that Gretzky’s trade to Los Angeles set in motion, and Balsillie on the other, representing money and Canada and NHL hockey right next door to Gretzky’s old hometown – surely he’ll be compelled to make a choice.”

I am willing to be Wayne will side wherever his wallet points him. That isn’t a knock on him. If one choice will bring him 14m and the other won’t, which way do you think he should go?

Brunt also got a shot at Balsillie today:

“”There can be lots of finger-pointing and scenarioizing and blaming to go around, but it’s fundamentally irrelevant right now,” Mr. Balsillie says. “What you have is a difficult situation. You have a team that’s filed for bankruptcy, that’s lost a lot of money, that’s out of cash and has a lot of creditors. We’ve got a bankruptcy court that has to make a decision. We’re putting forward what we think is an amazing proposal. … “These [circumstances] were not anticipatable. Nobody could foresee what’s happened. Nobody foresaw the economic shifts in the world. Nobody would know that some team in this place in this time in this way was going to happen. But when things happen you respond to them — and you respond to them constructively.” “[NHL commissioner] Gary [Bettman] was going to yank the franchise on Tuesday. That all happened. You don’t pick events in life. They sort of unfold.”

One part brilliant billionaire, one part politician. Anyone surprised by anything you read there? Me neither.

Want to see the latest from Damien Cox?:

A little birdie tells me that Jonas Gustavsson (the Monster) remains intrigued with the Toronto Maple Leafs. I wonder if Ron Wilson’s gushing review of the Monster’s play after giving up 5 goals!! It’s kind of funny to listen to. Meanwhile it is very quiet in Toronto with respect to Burke’s team. I am told changes are coming in the scouting staff. When Iam not sure, but stay tuned. Also, don’t be surprised if the management team is changed too. Burke has enough folks to rely on to provide Cito with a second bullpen. I was told that if Chuck Fletcher gets a GM this time around (and here is hoping he does) that he will ask his dad to come on as an adviser.

That’s all I got fro now! Have a good night.


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