Sports Sunday Recap

“I’m not reading too much into Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment’s silence on Jim Balsillie’s bid to bring a second NHL team to Southern Ontario, and neither should anyone else. MLSE is being sued by the group backing Balsillie for colluding to “preserve market power,” so it makes sense the company wouldn’t be littering the landscape with press releases.”

Sound familiar folks? It’s why I was so surprised by Simmons comments today. There is no good that can come from any comments made by MLSE as it relates to the Balsillie/makeitseven/Coyotes situation.

“One long-time sports executive says that one way Balsillie might be able to mollify the Maple Leafs and Buffalo Sabres is to offer them a share of future television earnings in addition to an indemnification cheque”

Hmmmmm, the Baltimore Orioles / Washington Nationals settlement. Where have we heard that scenario before?

If peace is going to be brokered between MLSE and RIM, here is the model that the NHL will base it upon:

“In exchange for allowing the deal to go thorough, MLB gave Angelos and the Orioles the television rights to the Nationals. MASN is now the only television network with a contract with two MLB franchises. While might not sound like much of concession, the New York Yankees-owned YES network is estimated by Goldman Sachs – which is a part owner of the network – to be worth three times the original price of $850 million, nearly $3 billion. And, by some estimates, the Boston Red Sox are worth $200 million more because of their ownership of the New England Sports Network. MLB Commissioner Bud Selig gave the Orioles 90 percent control over the regional television market.According to figures released by MLB, the Orioles must pay the Nationals a $20 million broadcast fee for this season and next. The fee then jumps to $25 million in 2008 and continues to rise based on the market value of the television contract. Eventually, the Nationals will own 33 percent of the network.”

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