Will the NFL work in Toronto?

 Editors note- Another interesting column from our new writer Lilly

Canada has hockey, the United States has football.

In my opinion,the NFL doesn’t have a chance of surviving in Canada. First of all we have our own league, the Canadian Football League. Why mess with that? The whole fiasco around the Buffalo Bills and having eight regular season games over the next five years is so far, a waste of time.

When the Miami Dolphins were here to play the Bills last season, Toronto tried to put on “a tailgate party”. It didn’t work. It’s not part of our culture. It’s just not the same here as in the United States. I’ve walked by a so called tailgate party for the Argo’s and thought to myself, what is that supposed to be? Oh it’s a tailgate party. Five cars with a few people standing around drinking. It wasn’t like what the Americans do at all. It seems like such a silly little detail but it’s a huge part of experiencing an NFL game in the States.

The crowd was a sad excuse for a crowd. No noise, no craziness and where were all the people? What’s a game without the crowd? Boring!.

The Buffalo Bills aren’t Toronto’s team. So I think there was some confusion as to whom we were supposed to cheer for as the “home team”. There are fans for different NFL teams here in Toronto. NFL fans in Canada, we have the choice of which team to cheer for, for different reasons. Everyone has their own team. There is always a story behind the choice. It was their dad’s team, or it was the first game they ever went to. Stuff like that.

The entire experience was like tempting a squirrel to eat from your hand. In this case, the NFL and Rogers Communications was the giant hand trying to feed us, the fans. Do we like them or not? How are we supposed to act? Fans in general seemed to be very hesitant and confused as to why they are giving us this so called” treat”. Who was getting the benefit, us the fans or them, the coroporate citizens? Perhaps like so many other things, it was just too good to be true.

Canadians are not and never will be Americans. We share a continent, but that’s about it when it comes to sports. We are just fine the way we are when it comes to football.

For this particular experiment our “Canadiana” was showing.



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