Did Brian Burke Lose His Shit On Sportnet?

Get this sports fans, you know the sportsnet story earlier today, the one about Burke discussing a potential deal which involved trading Kaberle, Schenn and the #7 pick overall to Tampa for the #2 pick over, the one that Doug MacLean reported? ALL BULLSHIT. Sources close to Sportsnet are telling TSM that Sportsnet knows they’re in hot water over this story. The story was completely FALSE.

Brian Burke had to call Luke Schenn and Tomas Kaberle today to tell them there was nothing to the rumors, while he was spending time with his daughter’s family in Boston and Burke was less then thrilled with how he had to spend his down time….. It is Interesting that Doug MacLean, a former GM is behind this mess.

The Toronto Sun has run a story on the Burke denials:

“And about this request from the Lightning that Burke send defencemen Luke Schenn and Tomas Kaberle and the seventh pick in exchange for the second pick? ‘The concept is absurd,’ Burke said. ‘I have said so to Luke, and am trying to reach Kabba to tell him the same.’ ”

On the apparent email that got sent to MacLean from Burke (recall this from the article “Leafs general manager Brian Burke has confirmed to Sportsnet via e-mail that the Lightning have asked for Toronto defencemen Tomas Kaberle and Luke Schenn along with the team’s No. 7 pick in exchange for Tampa’s No. 2 selection. Burke also said in his e-mail to Sportsnet that Schenn is not going anywhere.”):

“Brian Burke went into quash mode on Tuesday. The Maple Leafs general manager shot down a rumour that he would send the Leafs’ seventh overall pick in the NHL entry draft next month to the Tampa Bay Lightning for the second pick overall and right winger Ryan Malone. The catch is Malone is under contract through the 2014-15 season at a salary cap hit of $4.5-million US for each of the next six years. ‘I have no comment,’ Burke said. ‘It certainly has not been discussed at our end.'”

Now does that sound like the words of someone who sent a “confirming email??????????

The Fan 590 is still running the rumour story..

More on this tomorrow I am sure.

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