Did Brian Burke Lose His Shit On Sportnet?

Get this sports fans, you know the sportsnet story earlier today, the one about Burke discussing a potential deal which involved trading Kaberle, Schenn and the #7 pick overall to Tampa for the #2 pick over, the one that Doug MacLean reported? ALL BULLSHIT. Sources close to Sportsnet are telling TSM that Sportsnet knows they’re in hot water over this story. The story was completely FALSE.

Brian Burke had to call Luke Schenn and Tomas Kaberle today to tell them there was nothing to the rumors, while he was spending time with his daughter’s family in Boston and Burke was less then thrilled with how he had to spend his down time….. It is Interesting that Doug MacLean, a former GM is behind this mess.

The Toronto Sun has run a story on the Burke denials:

“And about this request from the Lightning that Burke send defencemen Luke Schenn and Tomas Kaberle and the seventh pick in exchange for the second pick? ‘The concept is absurd,’ Burke said. ‘I have said so to Luke, and am trying to reach Kabba to tell him the same.’ ”

On the apparent email that got sent to MacLean from Burke (recall this from the article “Leafs general manager Brian Burke has confirmed to Sportsnet via e-mail that the Lightning have asked for Toronto defencemen Tomas Kaberle and Luke Schenn along with the team’s No. 7 pick in exchange for Tampa’s No. 2 selection. Burke also said in his e-mail to Sportsnet that Schenn is not going anywhere.”):

“Brian Burke went into quash mode on Tuesday. The Maple Leafs general manager shot down a rumour that he would send the Leafs’ seventh overall pick in the NHL entry draft next month to the Tampa Bay Lightning for the second pick overall and right winger Ryan Malone. The catch is Malone is under contract through the 2014-15 season at a salary cap hit of $4.5-million US for each of the next six years. ‘I have no comment,’ Burke said. ‘It certainly has not been discussed at our end.'”

Now does that sound like the words of someone who sent a “confirming email??????????

The Fan 590 is still running the rumour story..

More on this tomorrow I am sure.

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May 12, 2009 10:01 pm


I’m trying to understand this post,but something is getting lost in the translation.You usually are very clear,not this time

May 13, 2009 8:04 am

You need to check your facts.
The Sportsnet story never said Burke was going to trade those players. the story said that that was what the Lightning were asking for.

May 13, 2009 9:27 am


Try and keep up with the rest of the class. The original story that Sportsnet yanked off its site was that Burke CONFIRMED those were the players being asked for.

Simply not true, and Burke went to great lengths to assure the players he wouldn’t negotiate with the Lightning under those terms.

Never mind the fact that the Fan590 website was suggesting in their story that the teams were “negotiating”. Again, a big stretch.

It’s just crap journalism from the Sportsnet/590 folks, and Burke has taken notice.

May 13, 2009 1:49 pm

Who says its not true? You?
As I said before, the story said those were the players Tampa wanted. I know that to be true. (and no, I didn’t write the story)
Burke never denied those were the players involved. He said an offer hadn’t been made – and the sportsnet sorry said the same – and that Burke wasn’t interested in trading those players
All that is fact.
If “the class” assumes what TSM posted is true, then its a remedial class worthy of Eklund

May 13, 2009 2:05 pm

Why don’t you call Burke and ask him.

Look, Burke comes out and declares he’s going to get Tavares. You think the Isles and Lightning liked that?
You don’t think they are going to put the squeeze on the guy?
And if you think just because a GM says something its true, then let me point you to a few examples:
Most recently, Canadiens deny interest in Lecavalier. Well, following the season, Gainey admits they were working on a deal. He was just unhappy the players names were revealed
In December George Gillett denies he’s looking to sell the Canadiens. A few months later, guess what
The NHL denies they are propping up the PHoenix Coyotes. Again, guess what
JP Ricciardi admits to lying about BJ Ryan

But hey, if “Burkie” says it, it must be true – or not true – or whatever you want to believe

Bag O' Pucks
Bag O' Pucks
May 13, 2009 5:00 pm

@ Joe

“If “the class” assumes what TSM posted is true, then its a remedial class worthy of Eklund”

That’s rich, coming from someone who works for the “sports network” that hired Hanky as a guest “Insider” for the trade deadline show a couple of seasons ago.

May 13, 2009 6:56 pm

I have yet to see any indication that Burke is anything other than a straight shooter. If he says it’s true then I think I will take his word over random internet guy.

WTF do Gainey and Bettman have to do with Burke’s credibility? What do you do for a living Joe? I heard there was someone else in the same profession who fondles goats for fun so I guess you do too huh?

May 14, 2009 9:01 am

Might as well beat the dead horse.

Now TSN is reporting the same thing:

However, Tampa Bay Lightning sources say the only way they will flip first round picks with the Toronto Maple Leafs in the NHL Entry Draft, dropping from 2nd to 7th, is if the Leafs throw in defencemen Luke Schenn and Tomas Kaberle, both of whom are under contract with Toronto for next season.

So is it a rumour?

Burke has all of you eating out of his hand. He goes on a media tour and repeats the word “rumour” and all of you assume its true.

And hey, Iraq had WMDs as well.

Keep believin’ folks, keep believin’ and get those target sights set on the messenger

May 14, 2009 9:58 pm

Joe you seem to experiencing some fundamental logic issues here. You think you are arguing a point that isn’t really in question in the first place. You should re-read the original post. You are basically restating what everyone already knows but for some reason you think it conflicts with the OP. It doesn’t.

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