Where’s Ferge Oliver When We Need Him??

No I am not looking for those old Just Like Mom Re-runs( I can’t believe that they haven’t resurfaced though in this internet age). I do miss that old ‘HOW ABOUT THOSE BLUE JAYS’ voice from the past, and with all that is happening around the team right now we could use it. I am not too proud to say that I was a non believer. I am not ready yet to say I believe, however I am enjoying this ride, as long as it does last. There was an announced crowd tonight of 43,500 at the TED. That’s terrific. Here’s hoping it remains that strong tomorrow night.

Jeff Blair has some great stuff from the Dome tonight:

“Burnett was booed on every pitch for the first two innings, and often afterward. He was given even rougher treatment than Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez, who was making his first return to this city since confessing to steroid use (the same city in which he was photographed stepping out on his wife, a defining moment in the sullying of his image, and also pulled off a cheap base-running stunt that caused Blue Jays journeyman infielder Howie Clark to drop a pop fly). According to the Yankees’ radio crew, the reception Burnett received from Toronto fans rivalled the negative reception Johnny Damon received when he returned to Boston to play the Red Sox. That says something. It could be that Toronto’s dormant fan base is warming up to some meaningful baseball.”

Ok, I was confused, was it ok to boo Burnett or not, so many rules….. πŸ™‚ Good on those who went for showing up and showing up loudly.

“The fact is, barring something unforeseen such as an injury to Roy Halladay, the Blue Jays’ pitching will never be as thin as it’s been in the past two weeks. Casey Janssen and Romero are the cavalry. Ryan, too, will help, and Jesse Litsch will come back and – my goodness – what happens if this team still contends and Shaun Marcum can contribute in some form in August?”

Things are going well in Blue Jays land. The press is even starting to talk positively. That will help draw fans and stir interest.

“Tuesday, just hours before a game against the New York Yankees and starter A.J. Burnett – the most eagerly anticipated baseball game in some time in these parts – Gaston and general manager J.P. Ricciardi said Ryan, who is pitching in Single-A Dunedin while recovering from a left trapezius injury and who could be two good outings away from rejoining the team, will not be given his closer’s job upon his return. ‘You guys are going to try to make this into something,” Ricciardi said. β€œIt really isn’t.’ ”

I don’t think it will be made into a big things for a couple of reasons. First, things are going well with the team. Had this been the case last year, the Frank Thomas story wouldn’t have been. Second, JP has been neutered, this is no longer his club, it’s Cito’s. No matter who did the speaking, this is Cito’s team. As a result there is little being questioned by the experts with respect to personnel decisions since Cito took over.

Who cares how long it lasts, let’s all enjoy it now for what it is..


Blair’s article is here

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