Brian Burke Making The Sports Radio Rounds

So more on these rumours. Toronto Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke went on the offensive today to discuss the rumours. He was on 640 at lunch time.:

“”I would ask our fans to say, ‘okay, does it make sense for anyone to acquire $17 million in salary to move five places in the entry draft?’ And the answer is no. That’s a trade that has never been discussed.”

There had also been talk that the Leafs would be willing to part with defencemen Luke Schenn and Tomas Kaberle in order to flip picks.

Burke said he spoke with Lightning GM and executive vice president Brian Lawton, who said he had nothing to do with either rumour, and Burke again stressed that such a move would not be practical for the Maple Leafs.

“Luke Schenn and Tomas Kaberle – two top-two defencemen – to move five places…does that make any sense to anybody? The answer is no. It’s a lot of noise, it’s a lot of aggravation and when you actually analyze what’s proposed or what’s available or what the rumour is, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, either one of them.”

That from

No, ask yourself this folks. If you are Burke, it is very, very easy to say “no comment”. Or something like it. Burke has set himself up here. If as some of you have suggested, Burke is lying and these deals occur as rumoured he now has set himself up to fail. He has answered why he shouldn’t make the deals. Burke is too smart for that. I will say it again. I think someone jumped the gun here and from everything I am hearing Burke is pissed.

Burke was on with Richie Rich Maclean (the source of email gate) and from the what I am told it got a tad bit confrontational. I will post a review of the interview shortly, but from what I am told:

““Why don’t you just keep talking, Doug, and I’ll talk when you’re finished”….” Burke finally told MacLean after being interrupted for the 10th time….

Interesting dynamics to say the least.


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