Should Chris Bosh Have Gotten Toronto Raptors Into Playoffs?

On the drive home last night, Greg Brady had Rick Bucher on. Bucher is an NBA analyst for ESPN. After Brady and Bucher talked NBA Playoffs, the topic turned to YOUR Toronto Raptors. Interesting to get a US perspective on the Raptors as I always get the feeling that the Toronto press is a little too in love with the players and the team. Just my opinion. In any event, here a few tidbits from Bucher had to say to Brady. I would provide audio but 640 doesn’t have it posted on their awesome website:

On Jay Triano resigning- A safe hire, not sure there was anyone marketable better out there right now. Although Bucher didn’t the word, the adjective he should have used was vanilla as in plain. Now, little TSM loves him some vanilla ice cream, and we all know there is nothing wrong with vanilla. When I take little TSM to a Ben and Jerry’s or to one of those Marble Slabs and he gets vanilla I get a tad bit annoyed.

On Chris Bosh- This is the summer of Bosh. The Raptors aren’t (according to Bucher anyway) convinced that Bosh wants to stay here. If they ask the question of Bosh and don’t get a resounding yes they will flip him before the start of the season. Bucher said that Bosh is a high character guy, who played through some injuries last year. He isn’t sure he is a league superstar. He also isn’t sure that Bosh isn’t frustrated with the lack of success compared with those in his draft class. The most interesting comment from Bucher was that he said he had talked to other league executives about Bosh and the executives were surprised that Bosh wasn’t able to get the Raptors into the playoffs. The suggestion was that if Bosh were another player (Wade or James are two that I can remember him naming) there was little question in the executives minds that the Raptors would be in the playoffs. Unfair comment? Perhaps. It’s interesting that this is the mindset out there of the decision makers. Bucher did say that he isn’t sure that Bosh has categorically told the Raptors he won’t be back as Bucher’s colleague Stepehen A. Smith suggested in his much publicized report earlier in the season, but Bucher does think that Bosh hasn’t sent the Raptors any signals that he wants to stay.

All interesting banter. Should be interesting to see how Bryan Colangelo stick handles through this off season.


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