Bettman The Liar Part Deux

So remember all that crap that the commish was spewing about all things being overstated and normal when it came to the Coyotes????? Well Pinocchio filed an affidavit with the bankruptcy court this evening proving that you can’t believe one word that comes out of his mouth EVER again. Bettman got Moyes to sign a proxy on November 14th. Here is what the lying commish had to say:

“From that point forward, I was completely responsible for control of the ownership interest in and all rights to manage the club and arena management including …any changes to the club’s equity structure, the sale of any club assets, and voting and consent rights under the franchise operating agreement and other agreements,”

I know, what was Bettman supposed to say? The answer… NO COMMENT. The problem is, he lied. The old saying about lying to me once has never been more relevant than it is here. The man can’t be trusted.

As for Balsillie, when the court is in order tomorrow, he has a 50-50 shot. No matter what all the talking heads say, it will only go one of 2 ways. Either Moyes has the authority to place the team in bankruptcy or not. That’s it. Bettman’s email to Daily (below) only shows Bettman’s state of mind. Unfortunately to him, he is not the trier of fact. The trustee is. If I am the Moyes attorney I lean on the lies. If Bettman lied in these circumstances he carries the lying trait and it is very likely that he has lied before in other areas too. He is an not a credible witness/source.

“I said that he is not authorized to talk to anyone about moving – they are trying to sell the Coyotes in Phoenix and I have the proxy – so that if anyone asks him about moving he should decline to talk about it and refer them to me. He said he understood,”

All that proves is that in Bettman’s opinion he controlled the team. It’s just his opinion. No more, no less. At least not yet. Equally as un-compelling is the fact that the other leagues have all filed documents with the court to show their support to the NHL. Real shocker there.

Tomorrow will be an interesting day for sure. I will be mildly surprised if there is any response from the trustee tomorrow.

Jeff Blair has a phenomenal piece on the whole ordeal. Reinsdorf is apparently unhappy that his interest in the Coyotes (especially on behalf of Jerry Bruckheimer has become a public circus:

“Reinsdorf is seething at the way this has turned into a public spectacle. Serves him right for getting involved with NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, who wants to preserve the Southern Ontario market for the Toronto Maple Leafs or as an expansion cash cow more than he wants the Coyotes to have a long-term future in the desert, according to legal filings claiming Bettman was ready to return the Coyotes to Winnipeg.”

Couldn’t have put it better myself.

Have a good night.


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