Further Evidence Gary Bettman Is A Liar!

Who ever would have guessed that email would play such a pivotal role in the history of the National Hockey League. First it was undoing of Ted Saskin. Now, we are seeing Gary Bettman’s emails to Bill Daily that completely contradict everything they both have said publicly. This from the Globe and Mail:

“I told [Scudder] that at some point, if we don’t have an alternative, I will have to start looking at the moving option,” Bettman wrote in the e-mail which was filed in court. When Scudder asked specfically about Southern Ontario and Hamilton, Bettman said “I responded that it’s a league opportunity, the building is too old etc. and, frankly, if this team had to move it should first be offered to Winnipeg.” In the e-mail, Bettman also talked about the difficulties in finding buyers for the Coyotes. He cited a couple of potential bidders and added “but this is looking more and more difficult since no one seems to be excited about a team losing 40mm (million).”

Does that sound ANYTHING like what Bettman inc. said publicly about the state of the Coyotes????

Globe article is here

Didn’t think so.

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