Jim Balsillie on PTS With Bob McCown

Good stuff today on PrimeTime Sports. Mccown and Arthur to their credit asked all the hard questions. Balsillie for the most part danced around, said what he wanted to say. Here is what you need to know:

Balsillie believes yesterday was a huge victory. In his opinion his odds of success went from a possibility to a near certainty
Balsillie believes that the court, and not the NHL will decide the relocation issue
All Balsillie wants to know is that the rules are clear and transparent. If the territorial rules are that he has no objections
He wouldn’t comment on an apparent comment from MLSE (as reported on by McCown) chairman Larry Tanenbaum that there is “no amount of money which would compensate the Leafs for encroaching on their territory
He believes that he is merely an organizer, that much of the hard work has been done by the over 125,000 people who signed up on his website.

You can listen to the audio jimbalsillie-pt-20090520[podcast]https://torontosportsmedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/jimbalsillie-pt-20090520.mp3[/podcast]

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