The Little Bettman That Cried Wolf

I literally just came downstairs from reading the story of the boy who cried wolf to my 2 kids. I opened up the laptop and surfed on over to the National Post and how ironic what I found:

“Bettman said Thursday that the franchise has been managed poorly since the Winnipeg Jets moved to Arizona in 1997 and became the Coyotes, and that there are elements in place in Arizona that will allow the Coyotes to succeed. The Coyotes have not turned a profit since Moyes took over the team in 2001. “There is a brand-new building in Phoenix,” Bettman said of the Arena, the Coyotes’ home in Glendale, a Phoenix suburb. “There are people that are supportive of the franchise and want to keep it there. The team hasn’t been particularly well run. It’s fixable.”

Ummmmmm Mirror Mirror On The Wall, who put the team in the hands of the those who managed this team? Who empowered those who weren’t running it “particularly well”.

Ohhhh and while we are it, why, after you lied to us before should we believe you now?

“When you have fans invest in a franchise emotionally and financially, you just don’t give up on them when times get tough. If the standard was, ‘When times get tough,’ we would have been out of Chicago, for Pete’s sakes. We would have been out of Ottawa, Buffalo and Pittsburgh, and they were all situations that were fixable.”

What about this one, you don’t go on international radio, tv and newspapers and say one thing when you know the one thing to be entirely false? The analogy is all wrong too. This isn’t taking a team from an established market that has been mismanaged by a crusty old owner who wouldn’t put his games on tv. This is a team in a place that was never given the chance to succeed because of the leagues inability to properly develop it in the market and with the right management team. Where was the due diligence on those who didn’t do such a good job running it?

“This is about a league structure and a covenant that every game has to have with its fans,” Bettman said. “Otherwise you don’t have the stability you need to stay in business. To portray the whole debate as anything else does a disservice to the fans of the game.”

What about the trust those fans must have in those who lead the league???? What about that covenant?? Does that one not matter? When you look into a microphone and answer questions completely dishonestly does that not do a disservice to the fans of the game?

My kids got the whole, lie to me once, lie to me twice thing pretty quickly. Even my 4 year old daughter got the boy who cried wolf thing. So when the commish opens his mouth and tries to tell us the state of things anywhere, not ever my 4 year old would believe him.


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