Hi Everyone, I’m New

Allow me to introduce myself…

My name is Dan – A journalism/communications graduate and big time sports fan. I was born and raised in Toronto, and I grew up a Blue Jays fan first. I was far too young to appreciate the world series wins (and forever upset I wasn’t woken up for Carter’s home run).

The first game I saw was a 13-0 thrashing of Texas – the guy next to me caught a foul, and he just barely stopped me from throwing it back. Sue me, I was 6.

I’ve always liked the Leafs, but the Raptors stole my heart early on. I was at their first game ever (Beat the Nets, by the way), and I loved the Vince years, although it’s been a frustrating experience overall.

I’ve worked in the London (Ontario) sports scene for the past few years, covering the Knights and the Western Mustangs, before working for the Mustangs this year. It was a thrill to see Pat Kane, Sam Gagne, Steve Mason and Corey Perry play in the OHL, and the Mustangs gave the city plenty to cheer about this past year. University hockey is one of Canada’s best kept secrets.

Now, I’m back home and ready to write. I’ll try to fit in with TSM, and I look forward to hearing from readers. I know I’m the rookie – I’ll carry bags on road trips and keep my head down. Most of all, I’ll try to be interesting. Thanks for listening, this should be fun.


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