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Just did the usual tour across the internets and well, there just isn’t that much to write about tonight. Best article I have seen so far belong’s to Stephen Brunt who did a piece on Cito Gaston. Here are a few clips:

” ‘For a guy that did a pretty good job around here, I caught a lot of shit,’ Gaston says. ‘There was a lot of people hanging around who haven’t done quite the job but don’t catch the shit at all.’ ”

Cito is Cito. That much comes across in the article.

“When people have a tendency to treat you a little differently, then whether they’re racist or not, that’s the first thing going through your mind because you’re used to that happening to you. I can remember earlier this year and being in a hotel. I came back from working out and I was on the concierge floor. I thought I’d go in and get myself a bottle of water. Well, I was questioned about whether I lived on that floor or not. So things still happen like that. And I guarantee you that if I was white, I wouldn’t be questioned at all. I see it all the time. It still happens… So when I see things happen or people say stuff, I’m more likely to ask is it because of race or is it because they don’t like me? I would rather it be because they don’t like me, not because of the colour of my skin. But there’s not too many black guys who can go around to this day and say there’s no racism, because there still is. “So back to what he said: “I believed it then.”

For the record, Cito’s biggest media supporter these days is Mccown. Whether he says so jokingly or not, he is the ony guy who has said the Jays are going to go far this year and has given the manager a ton of credit. I remember the racist card being played back then. Cito hasn’t changed much has he?

Cito reminds me of the manager from the Major League movies. He just doesn’t seem to care too much. Not that is a bad thing. It’s just his perspective.

I know my team isn’t playing, and neither is my second team, and I hear the hockey is great, but I am having a tough time watching the playoffs right now.

An emailer sent me a note suggesting that I send Chuck Fletcher a congratulatory email on his new gig in Minnesota and try to convince him to sign the Sedins so Burke can’t!

Jays lost again tonight. The nay sayers are going to be out in full force. Not only did they lose tonight, but they did with god on the mound.

The Globe and Mail website has a new like. I like it. You?

Not sure if any of you out there have one, but I have been contemplating an electronic reader. I am told to go with the Kindle (yes I have a US address). Anyone try the Sony e-reader have a different opinion?

Next question. I have been with Telus mobility for almost 4 years (yes I am the one). Is it time to take the plunge and go to Rogers? On that same note, blackberry vs iphone????

I am taking Mrs. TSM to Las Vegas next week. It’s our (gulp) 10th anniversary. What’s your favorite vegas hotspot (keep it clean, Mrs. TSM is coming along)? Any prop bets I should make?

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