Sedins Polorizing Leaf Nation?

You know where my vote stands- against- against that is Brian Burke signing the two brothers should or when they become UFA’s this July 1st. I know, I have heard the arguments for. I know they are point per game guys, I know that having 2 80 point players is something we should dream of. I also know that Burke is a good evaluator of talent. This to me isn’t about where they are from. It’s isn’t that I prefer Canadian boys or North American boys. For the record, I prefer Ovechkin or Malkin over Crosby- I know – I am nuts, shoot me. The majority of this has to do with timing and money. I don’t want to lock up these guys with the type of coin they are going to demand right now. It’s really that simple. They aren’t 24, they aren’t 26, they are 28. To pay these guys around 6m per year for the next 4 years until they are 32 just doesn’t seem like the right thing to do with the current Leaf team. I know that Burke has said his goal is to make the playoffs next year. Mine is different. I don’t give a rats ass about next year. I want a cup contender for years. I don’t want a return to the just squeak in to the playoffs only to get booted in the first round. I have no interest in that whatsoever. If the choice is to stay the course, not spend stupid money this year, shit the bed again next and keep building this thing, I choose that door in heartbeat. Put it this way. I don’t feel that enough can be done soon enough to make signing these two guys worth it. And, how will signing these guys impact or ability or lack thereof to make other moves when we really want them to? Ask yourself this…. If Burke just became the GM now. He has been on the job for all of 2 weeks, do you still want him to sign these guys?

I think this is going to be really interesting to watch. There are those out there who think that signing these guys will be the best thing since the trade for Gilmour with Calgary. There is great reading material on the net out there right now. Here are some links:

Steve at hockey analyis has 2 good articles, here and here

Ron at Maple Leaf Hot Stove has one here

“Henrik and Daniel Sedin (F) – The twins, who make up the core of Vancouver’s attack, probably can land five-year deals and each average between $5 million and $6 million. The Canucks may have no choice but to pay it, provided the Sedins are willing to stay. If not, Montreal, Los Angeles, perhaps even the Wild (sans Marian Gaborik) could be bidders.”

That’s from Kevin Paul Dupont in today’s Boston Globe which can be found here

I have asked a few media types to chime in, I invite them to post their comments here….


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May 25, 2009 10:09 am

Ask yourself this: If you dropped the Sedin twins on any of the top teams, what line would they play on? The reality is they would not be on the first line. They would make a great second line duo though.

Unless Burke can get them for cheap which is unlikely, I’d rather see the money spent on a bonafide first liner.

Pension Plan Puppets
May 25, 2009 11:03 am

James Mirtle makes a great case for the Sedins as top-line performers:

I think most of the reticence comes from the fact that because they play in the West most Leaf fans are completely ignorant of their talent.

Obviously whether it’s a good signing or not depends on the price tag.

Also, becoming a good team isn’t only accomplished by being terrible for a long time. Making the playoffs next year or signing players that will still be in their prime in a couple of years doesn’t preclude building through the draft.


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May 25, 2009 3:00 pm

The only problem I have with the Sedins is that they crapped the bed in the playoffs again this year. Being o.n the west coast, I saw the entire season, as well as the playoffs. They disappeared in the second round against a Chicago team with a VERY young defense. There aren’t many teams with an inexperienced defense in the Eastern Conference. They might get eaten up a little more in the east than in the west. Their rump-wielding skills fit better in the west

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