Pat Quinn Returns! Finally

Dust off those Edmonton Oiler jersey’s, Pat Quinn has a new gig, as head coach of the Edmonton Oilers. Wow what a staff too, he has Tom Renney as an assistant!

Press conference will be later today. Count me as a HUGE Pat Quinn fan. The guy has it all, character and class. I do have one large knock on him and many may disagree, but I truly believe that he allowed the Maple Leafs to become a country club, unaccountable group. I think much of what Fletcher and Wilson and now, Wilson and Burke had to clean up was the atmosphere that Quinn, if nothing else allowed to exist here in Toronto. Having said that I like the guy, the coach and will root for the Oilers.

By the way, it says here that in some time, Quinn will be the GM and Renney the coach, but that’s putting the wagon before the horse. I know Lowe is higher then GM, as Tambellini has that role right now, but these types of situations seem to follow Pat around.

Good luck and congrats to Pat Quinn- I will be at the Leafs Oilers first home game!


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