Big Day In Toronto Sports Radio

Tomorrow should be a very interesting day for those of us who enjoy sports radio here in Toronto. Tomorrow is the day the final ratings book comes out before the dog days of summer book. Very few people judge the summer book as very few people listen during the summer and most of the on air personalities, at least in this town take a lot of time off. The next book comes out in September and the one after that isn’t for awhile. The end result is that the numbers advertisers see tomorrow will be the ones that the channels are stuck with for some time. Also, the September book will be the first one under the new rating system as opposed to the current journal system which is clearly outdated.

Why is this HUGE? Well, with the current state of the economy, and downward ad spending, companies are going to be very careful with how they spend their precious ad dollars. A program director who may be loyal to certain hosts may have his or her hand forced if the ratings go a certain way. Similarly, a host who shows good numbers in this book may save him or herself their job for a few months. Any trends over the last books will also be looked at for future ad prices and rates. For a reminder of the last book, you can read my review here . Some highlights from the Star’s Chris Zelkovich:

“Morning show: 5.8 (Down from 6.0, a negligible drop)

Bullpen: 4.4 (Off 21 per cent, which may or may not say anything)

Director’s Chair: 5.4 (Up 4 per cent, but not really comparable to the `08 lineup)

Game Plan: 4.3 (Down 17 per cent from Chuck Swirsky’s audience as Armstrong and MacLean break in their show)

Evenings: 2.9 (A 39 per cent decrease, no doubt thanks to lame Raptors team)

Overall: 4.7 (An 8 per cent decrease, but still maintaining 6th place among adult males)


Evenings: 2.3 (Down 4 per cent as the Leafs continue to struggle) ”

Keep tuned for updates tomorrow.


Zelkovich’s article is here

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Mike S
Mike S
May 27, 2009 3:20 pm

I could be wrong but it has always been my understanding that the radio ratings period that starts in early September is by far the most important ratings period of the year……………that is why no radio people are allowed to take vacation during that time and that is why there are so many radio contests with large prizes during that time

May 28, 2009 12:51 am

It’ll be fascinating to see the results of the new ratings system.

They implemented it in Monteal, and apparently the data was significantly different than from the previous book system.

May 28, 2009 12:56 am

By the way, the Raptors outdraw the Leafs on the radio??

2.9 to 2.3? Perhaps that’s more of a reflection of 590 vs 640 as a whole? Or maybe that when there isn’t play by play, the Fan has decent sports talk, while 640 has god knows what.

Still, I’m shocked the Leafs radio ratings are so low considering how much they pay for it.

Al from Burlington
Al from Burlington
May 28, 2009 7:00 am

Hey, whatever happened to the TSM blog a while back that said Cox and Simmons would take over the Fan morning show….Hope these ratings spell the end for Hogan and Toth

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