Are You Psyched For The Stanley Cup Finals?

Good morning from sunny hot las vegas! Arrived at 1030pm local time last night to 30 degrees C weather. The good news is it’s a “dry heat!” 🙂
Took the car with 7 of us (2 guys, 5 ladies) to our hotel and made the obligatory stop at in and out burger. Get this, 7 of us ate dinner (burgers, fries, shakes) for a grand total of……drum roll please….. $20.25!!!!! I seem to recall someone out there not being a fan of the in and out burger, but from my seat, the Double Double Animal Style (no tomatoes of course) was superb!

After fighting with the moron check in lady at our hotel, we took to the streets. Our hotel is sold out. The casino was DEAD…no one in it. We were told that over 90% of the guests at our hotel are attending conventions and they don’t gamble or eat at the hotel. That’s gotta be good for business. We walked the strip and there were quite a few people out and about, especially for a Wednesday night. I am curious to see what its like tonight through Sunday.

Now obviously I am not listening to the radio in Toronto, but many of you have emailed me that the following was just uttered my Mike Hogan on the Fan 590:

“Not looking forward to the pittsburgh-detroit matchup”

Again, I didn’t hear it, so I don’t know the context in which it was said, so I can only comment on it standing alone, but I am fairly surprised by the comment. This is a great matchup between the Detroit Red Wings and the Pittsburgh Pensguins. There lots of compelling stories and both are high powered up tempo teams.

I am curious to see what the scoop is on the series in the sportsbooks here. I will post some prop bets when I can.

Can you imagine the irony if the Pens beat the Red Wings to Hossa. He took a deep discount to play in Detroit, only to lose to the Pens in the cup one year later when the Pens offered tons more money???

Be sure to checkout Dan’s baseball podcast today, and I am trying to get info up on the radio ratings book too.

From Vegas, TSM

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Mike Hogan
Mike Hogan
May 28, 2009 2:06 pm

Again you have taken one line out of a one-hour show and taken it out of context.

The hour was based upon the fact that after the matchup was finalized last night I’m not as excited as I should be….that part is true. I continued on to state that as a fan of a team that was just knocked out (Carolina) that for the first time in the playoffs there’s no emotional attachment and there’s an obvious let down after your team gets bounced.

I also mentioned that there was no dramatic build up to the final since we’ve basically known which teams were going to be in it for 4-5 days already.

I also stressed on several occasions during the hour that I was very confident by the time the puck dropped I’d get into the series because of the skill of the teams involved and the story lines that have yet to be played out. Somehow that point never made it into your story

If your “many” e-mailers all failed to mention that then I’m wondering just what they’re listening to. I’d also reconsider using their input for your blog.

Again, thanks for the interest in the show, but I’d appreciate more accuracy.

Mike Hogan
Fan 590

May 28, 2009 3:50 pm

I, for one, am excited. The Hossa storyline is my favourite, and how often do we get to see a rematch?

May 28, 2009 9:07 pm

I’m sick of watching stanley cup finals involving Detroit. I might watch a game or two and cheer for Pittsburgh but can’t say I’m overly blown away by the prospect of this series. I would have much rather watched a Hawks/Penguins final.

May 28, 2009 9:17 pm

By Hogan’s definition, any quote is “taken out of context” if you don’t provide a transcript of the entire show.

Let’s say a sports radio talk show host said “I don’t care about the Blue Jays. I never watch them”. You call him out for it. And then he writes in and says, your quote was taken “out of context”. Yeah, of course there was more after and preceding it, but it was still a dumb thing to say.

I’m not saying what Hogan said was dumb, but all the blog entry was doing is pointing out that he’s not excited right now, and everyone else seems to be. I don’t anyone who doesn’t think it’s a great final.

And the Hossa storyline is incredibly intriguing.

Forcing Argos players down our throat for hours at a time, we all have different ideas of “entertaining”, I guess.

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