Bargnani Says Triano Has More Respect Than Sam Did

Very interesting article in today’s Globe and Mail. Michael Grange, using information from an interview in Italy, writes that Andrea Bargnani was happy to see Sam Mitchell leave.

More importantly for Raptors fans, Bargnani says Jay Triano is the right coach for Toronto, which echoes what other players and staff have said publicly about Triano.

From Grange’s article:

“As a coach, everyone in the team likes him (Triano), unlike Mitchell, and he earned the respect of all the players right from Day 1,” Bargnani said. “That’s why we asked [Raptors president Bryan Colangelo] to confirm him. And he agreed, because he’s the right man to start over with.”

It’s no secret that Bargnani improved under Triano, averaging 19 points per game as a starter. Raptors fans have long assumed that Triano helped his centre improve, but it’s a little surprising to read such a blunt statement from Bargnani.

Fans have also assumed that many of Andrea’s problems were mental, and Bargnani confirmed that in his interview, while taking another small jab at Mitchell, who constantly gave him a quick hook during games:

“When I was permanently [a starter] I started to play better,” Bargnani said. “Something changed in my head last summer, but not having a lot of minutes on court, I didn’t get the chance to show it.”


Grange is here.

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