Brian Burke Too Shoot The Moon

Greetings from Las Vegas, Lots of people have been asking, so here’s’ the scoop on sin city: the hotels are packed, the casinos, restauarants and shops are empty. Last night at the hard rock casino and hotel, was the first time it felt like the Vegas of old. Apparently there are a ton of conventions here and those people arent getting the large expense accounts anymore so they come and dont do much. The hotels are cheap so people come but they arent spending a penny.

The detroit red wings are 3:2 favorites to win the stanley cup. A bet on a penguins sweep will pay 15:1.

So i read this in todays star:
“We intend to be pushing the cap every year,” said Burke. “We want to spend the money intelligently.”We’re Big Blue, we’re going to spend to the cap.”

From a fan perspective that is good on an excitement point of view. In order to spend to the cap Burke will have to be very busy. I have said all along that until the leafs cut ticket prices they owe it to their fans to spend the maximum. Its easy to spend the money, just ask JfJ…it’s another thing all together to spend it wisely. The biggest asset Burke has right now is cap space, how he maximizes that asset will be fascinating and will determine the success or failure of his regime.


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