Burke Takes on The Watters Show

Wow, Brian Burke took out whatever was eating him on Bill Watters and Greg Brady today! Here is a run down on the interview:

Burke was asked about Joe. N: He said that there are only 30 nhl jobs on the planet-Joe had to take the job…The opportunity maybe sooner in his development then he would he have preferred. Dallas called 3-4 weeks ago to ask for permission and kept in touch througout the process. This was a very well kept secret. Joe is the real deal. Burke is glad Joe is a GM in the west.

Then it got interesting. Steve Simmons had a column in which he had the following quote from Burke :
” ‘The overwhelming commentary I get (around Toronto) is, do it right,’ he said. ‘If that means we have another tough year, that’s fine. People are sick of the Band-Aids, so we’re going to do it right.’ ”

Wilbur and Brady asked Burke about the quote. They read the quote as implying that perhaps making the playoffs wasn’t necessarily the endgame for Burke for this season which would have been in contrast to what Burke has said in the past.

Burke got very testy with the guys in response. He said that he don’t know what they were talking about- Doesn’t know what Steve wrote- and that is not all that he said- Burke told Simmons and is saying now that he intends to make the playoffs- but as long as making the playoffs is consistent with the long term plan. Burke said that he could have traded Schenn and made the playoffs this year. However, everyone would know that would be another bandaid and we aren’t going to do that…but our goal is to make the playoffs-

Brady and Wilbur tried to interject and offered up that Steve Simmons called their show to clarify and provide some context to the quote. Burke would have none of it. He screamed at them :

” God dammit read the quote!- the quote is accurate, you got it wrong!- Season ticket holders tell me all the time to do it right- ”

There was then a HUGE pause, it seemed to last 5-10 seconds, so long that Brady said something along the lines of, well this is either a really dramatic pause or we lost him.
Burke said that he was still there and proceeded to call Brady Darren! He told them to read it back and got impatient when they did, he yelled at them “Wake up guys, don’t purport to read from a quote that isn’t anything I said- get it right!”

They moved on as best as they good. Burke was asked if he was still trying to move up in the draft- he was clearly pissed and answered with:

“yes, nothing to report”

He was then asked if there was anything on Gustavsson. Again, he was very short with his answers
“nothing to report”
When he was pushed a litle bit about a Gustavsson’s plans Burke said that the Monster is “coming to North America to visit, will be after the unfortunate funeral for his mother in the next little while- Toronto is one of the teams he will visit and Burke believes that Gustavsson has a chance to be a real goal good goaltender.

He was then asked about the scouting combine and he offered that gm’s would tell you that “there is a big five in no specific order, Brayden Schenn, Evander Kane, Matt Duchene, Victor Hedman and John Tavares-He will do his best to move up-and there is nothing to report.

The guys again tried to clear the air, Burke sternly said, “There was no misunderstanding, you guys got it wrong-and you should say so after I am gone. He told them to read it again and then said “We done”

This is a classic folks, well worth listening to, you can hear it here.
Simmons’ article is here

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