Toronto Sports Media Unlike Any Other- Avalanche Coverage All The Time

Strange day here in TO from a sports perspective anyways. I happened to spend the better part of 3 hours in the car this afternoon, so I got to listen to both noon hour lunch shows(flipping back and forth) and then caught a big chunk of The Gameplan on the Fan 590 too. Why was it strange? Consider this:

Word broke fairly late in the morning that Tony Granato had been let got as head coach of the Colorado Avalanche. Not huge news in terms of shock value or surprise. I mean they had all but given the job to Patrick Roy while Granato was still in place, so how surprised can you be that he has now been fired? Two things got me to thinking. One, this was the leading story on the Fan 590 news most of the day, after it broke. It lead the sports news on 680 news and on 640 news. Hockey Central at Noon covered this story for an entire 20 minutes from the top of the show. Leafs Lunch did a huge segment on it as well. All the Toronto papers had it as headline stories on their respective sports websites. Now, I flew home from Las Vegas on Sunday. We took a flight from Las Vegas to Denver, and then another flight from Denver to Toronto. That second leg took almost 4 hours. Denver is not a neighboring city or state to Toronto. The shops at the airport in Denver didn’t have 1 single piece of Av’s merchandise in them. I checked, little TSM likes his hockey hats and jerseys. This story dominated the sports media in this city. That is quite remarkable if you think about it. Seriously, ask yourself another city in North America where local media outlets (not national) get so wrapped up in a story that is a 4 hour plane ride away?? I am not saying Mike and Mike on ESPN radio in New York (or any of their affiliate stations), I am not talking about the Dan Patrick radio stations either, or Jim Rome…I am talking L O C A L coverage????? The focus on all things hockey in this town is insane. Not bad insane, just insane. In case anyone cares, besides the lying commish, there was a Stanley Cup Final game last night! No really, there was. Hockey Central at Noon did 20 minutes, all the way up to the first news break on the Granato story. Barely a mention of the game last night or the series….. I wonder if the coverage in Denver was anywhere near as in depth as we got here today….

Secondly, not that it really matters, but, man did the Avalanche take it on the chin today from a PR perspective. Did anyone hear or read 1 positive thing said about Pierre LaCroix, the ownership group, the new GM, how this was handled, Eric LaCroix etc???? Bill Watter’s was vicious in his attacks on LaCroix. Elliot Elliot Friedman was on with Brady and Watters and when they discussed this issue, even he got in on the slagging. Kypreos on Hockey Central was equally as negative and I just read Kevin Allen in the USA today saying much of the same stuff. I mean, WOW. I thought the Leafs got shit on. I kind of feel badly for this guy Sherman. The entire organization got a stoning from the international hockey media today. Not a single nice word was said or written. Don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting any of it was undeserved. The negativity was relentless though. I was trying to think of the last time a team got bashed this badly across the board. I would say, if anyone in the AVS PR department gets wind of the type of coverage they got here today the odds of any of their staff coming on our waves is zero to none. Hell, even when the Roger Clemens hearings were going on there were one or two folks out there trying to back the Rocket. This was 100% all the same stuff.

I read tonight that the Canucks are about to start talking to the Sedins about an extension. Would they please hurry up!!!! I don’t want them on the free market anytime soon. Judging by my poll results, neither do the majority of you.

A caller to the Watters show today said he had heard a rumor that Mats Sundin wants to sign a one year farewell contract with the Maple Leafs. Anyone else think that caller is a certain other Toronto Sports Blogger who graces us with his comments here from time to time?????? 🙂

I know they are just rumours right now, but if I were a betting man, I would lay a few shekels that when the Toronto Raptors start their 2009-2010 season Chris Bosh will be wearing a different uniform on opening night. I have no clue what they can get for him. Or what value is…Here’s hoping Dan can.

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