TSM Morning Thought

I actually have a few of them, but thought I would share just a couple. Happy 20th Birthday to the Dome. I was there 20 years ago, on that pouring rainy night, when they opened the roof and tons of people got soaked. It was clearly a remarkable stadium then. Way ahead of its time. It’s only too bad that the whole retro ballpark era didn’t start say 5 years earlier.

My real thought of the day as I drove in to work listening to the Fan morning show was…


As in, Someone please tell me WHY Vic Rauter is guest hosting the Big Early with Don Landry? As between Landry and Stellick, Stellick is the sports guy, Landry the fan. When it’s Damien and Landry I get it. When it’s Kirke and Landry I get it. WHY does Vic Rauter get so much airtime. I don’t know the man. Hell, I don’t really know his work. Sorry, curling isn’t my thing. That isn’t to say I don’t think it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, i had a blast the one time I curled…I just have no interest in it. The WHY stems from the fact that, in my opinion he doesn’t add anything to the show. He rambled for the part I heard this am about how satelites work- “you have to send something up and then the signal comes down”…..uh huh….good stuff. The only one thing I can see he ads is the ability for Landry to do more Vic Rauter voice over bits. Seriously, I am very open to someone telling me what I am missing, because I just don’t see it.

Happy 20th to the TED.


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