Bosh Speaks To The Fan 590

Not sure how many people caught it, but public enemy number one of Raptors nation was on with the Raptors radio crew (in my mind the worst play by play duo in Toronto sports) tonight. I didn’t catch the interview but several of you did and here is what you told me took place and of course the TSM take on each point:

* The 1st SEVEN questions Smith and Jones asked Chris about were about his iphone app and deal with Warner Music Canada. Whether or not this is topical, there certainly were bigger issues of the day don’t you think?

* “Jonesy” references EF Hutton…Bosh had no idea who that was and had to ask!!!

* “E” complains that he(“E”) follows Bosh on Twitter but Bosh doesn’t follow “E” back. Now that makes for great radio no??? Isn’t there a rule about media types not begging for this type of shit???

* “Jonesy”finally gets around to talking about the issue dujour, and neither he nor Bosh ever explain it. A couple of people emailed me that they tuned in after this point and had no clue what the hell these guys were talking about!!

* Bosh makes the bold comment “I’m used to reading wrong things written about me. in the press all the time.” Follow up question to that : ” Insert Crickets Here”….Come on guys, when you get served up a gem like that, you have to ask the question, what exactly are you talking about Chris??????? Even the best of shills know that!!

* Chris Bosh says there’s “good” odds he will stay in Toronto. Does anyone there want to guess what Bosh means by good odds? I mean are we 70-30, 60- 40, 50-50??? Oh, wait, there was no follow up question to that statement either!

* Interview ends with more lobs to Bosh about his iphone app. Journalism at it’s absolute toughest.

* “Jonesy” ends the segment with this gem, ” I (“Jonsey”) take a lot of heat for saying that Bosh could walk down Yonge street with any other Toronto athlete and Bosh would be more recognizable than the other athlete.” I am sorry, but raise your hand if you dispute this? Suffice it to say that Bosh has a rather “unique” look to him no???? Seriously…I need to know who gives “Jonesy” heat for this? Can you imagine Roy Halladay, Vernon Wells and Luke Schenn walking down Yonge street with Bosh and Bosh is the one who gets noticed….SHOCKER!!!!!

Where is Spider Jones when we need him??



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