Brian Burke Speaks Out

This eatery was in the Las Vegas Airport….Loved the name ‘Burke In The Box’

Sir Brian was on Hockey Central At Noon today. Here is a rather crude interpretation of the interview:

*Burke picked Pittsburgh in 6 games. He didn’t make that public because he thinks that if you don’t make the playoffs you shouldn’t offer commentary- you should shut up- Burke only answering now because they asked me now after the fact.

* Burke didn’t know about the legacy group press conference- this is no different then the Phoenix situation. The Leafs have been told by the nhl not to discuss- He wishes he could speak and he will when he gets his turn. He didn’t see anything on this Legacy Group and therefore won’t say anything until he can.

* Burke was asked about an arena that has a capacity of 30k seats- He said there is a reason why arenas are the size they are- look at Chicago where the crowd isn’t a factor unless they are totally sold out- there is a reason they don’t build arenas that big-

* All he will say on another team in Toronto, is that the proper starting place for an expansion team or relocation is research. The league has never said we have research on this(another team in this market)- the proper start would be with research, that research has never been brought to us so this is all very hypothetical.

* On trading up: No progress yet, not surprised right now, usually happens on the floor- Burke wouldn’t give up much to go to #6- thinks there are a top 5…(yadda yadda yadda..any of this sound familiar yet?)

* Burke was asked if he regrets being so vocal about his intentions to move up? Burke has no regrets- This is a reality – He is not going to surprise anyone, so why not tell the 6 teams ahead of him that he is open to do business. Burke said he would do it again….No gamble here.

* Burke was asked if teams are honest in who they are going to take when having pre-draft discussions with other teams? Burke didn’t give a flat out yes or no. He talked about the years he was able to trade up and said that in the past everyone got who they wanted….

* Burke was asked about his history of drafting brothers before and if he would do it again? Burke said that once you get to know a family you are more comfortable with the bloodline- therefore you have much better odds with a pick….If you like the character of the older brother you are likely to get the same in the younger, if parents raised one kid properly odds are they raised the others well too. He said that they won’t get Schenn at #7.

* Burke was asked what is FA going to be like this year? Burke said that all they have to go on is in watching baseball and what they went through. The change was immediate and instant(as a result of the economy).- Burke expects the same in hockey but who knows…..Teams will still spend though he said.

* Burke was then asked for the lastest on the Monster- Burke said that Toronto is on the list. It was said that his agents want a deal that grantees he will be in the nhl next season as part of the deal- Burke was asked if he was okay with this- Burke said yes!- He said that he doesn’t’ know when he will be here to tour Toronto, but that he thinks it will be before the draft.

* Burke was asked about Justin Pogge. He hasn’t concluded what he is going to do with Pogge- he is a good kid – yes there is a chance Burke won’t qualify him…..

More later

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