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So it seems Leafs Nation loves Joe Bowen. So far over 81% of you have voted against a new radio/tv voice. You have also shown me what the next question should be in the poll 🙂

Did anyone listen to Glen Healy on the Fan this am???? If so, would you mind sending me an email torontosportsmedia at gmail dot com

I did happen to catch Nelson Liriano and Jesse Barfield, and you just had to smile (even if Vic Rauter was still on ). One thing I will say about Liriano, man the guy likes to talk…

Anyone read Bruce Garrioch this am? Two interesting thoughts:

“There is talk the Rangers might waive D Wade Redden at the start of next season and send him to the AHL’s Hartford Wolf Pack to get his $6.5-million salary off the books. New York has tried to deal Redden, but nobody is willing to bite. He still has $32.5 million and five years left on his contract”

Now, do any of you recall a similar “rumour” about Bryan Mccabe last year. We were told that the PA would be all over this and that if Mccabe and others like him were sent to the minors the Leafs would have a very difficult time signing free agents in the future. Where is the same horror and outrage here? I’m just saying.

“The talk is Toronto GM Brian Burke has been trying to entice the New York Islanders, who are drafting No. 1 overall and the Bolts, picking No. 2, to trade their top pick in exchange for D Tomas Kaberle and the Maple Leafs’ No. 7 overall selection. “That’s not going to be enough to get it done,” said one league executive. “Burke is going to have to come up with more. You can’t give a No. 1 pick away. It means a lot to the franchise.”

So, sources tell me that Burke hasn’t talked to Garrioch in ages. In fact a recent quote that he ran from Burke looked, to these eyes anyways strangely similar to a direct quote from Berger’s blog a few days ago. I am not saying Garrioch stole it, but……. As for this rumour? The Islanders or any other team are going to have to evaluate their own needs and what is offered to them in exchange for anything they have. I will say this, with Tomas Kaberle you know EXACTLY what you are getting. There are no guarantees with any kid you draft and we can all list off a good list of first round busts over the year. I suspect that Snow and any other GM will do what they think is in the best interest of their respective franchise.

“Despite all the denials coming out of the Sunshine State, the Tampa Bay Lightning is trying to deal C Vinny Lecavalier. A league source told Sun Media yesterday the Bolts have informed the NHL they intend to spend at the salary floor of approximately $40.5 million next season. They already have $38 million committed to 17 players and have to sign to get to the 23-man roster limit. Getting Lecavalier’s $10 million salary off the books would clear space for the Bolts to sign blueliners. He’s not only the Lightning player being shopped. League sources insist there are others, but didn’t want to give out any names. A proposal deal to send Lecavalier to the Kings for D Jack Johnson is still on the table. Sources say Johnson, who is coming off an entry-level contract, is seeking a four-year deal worth $5.5 million per season. No wonder the Kings want to deal him. They aren’t the only team in pursuit of Lecavalier. Vancouver, Edmonton and Montreal have all made calls.”

Certainly were lots of denials around this the other day. Here is my overall sense of Mr. Garrioch, he is, in my opinion only, universally, amongst his peers anyway, the least credible of all mainstream hockey writers….even more so than Al Strachan. This is my opinion based upon what I have read, heard and seen….for the record my opinion is worth less than the paper this is written on!

Anyone else catch this last night, Jeff Marek called the Cleveland ahl team, “The Fort Erie Monsters”….ummmm, that would be Lake Erie maybe?? Fort Erie home to….the word famous racetrack…..Lake Erie, is Cleveland….honest mistake I am sure… If you saw that then you had to notice the pained look on Scott Morrison’s face each time they do that segment. I happen to like Morrison’s work, but man he looks miserable every time he is on the TV. Could it be having to sit in a tv studio in Toronto while the game is in Pittsburgh????? Man, talk about being treated like Wilner….. ouch!

A kind reader sent me this earlier…enjoy your day TSM

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