Raptors Work Out Players They Probably Won’t Draft

From Doug Smith:

“So, today’s workout kids in Toronto were (or are, depending on when you’re reading this) guards Jonny Flynn and Jrue Holiday and forwards Chase Budinger, Damion James, Alade Aminu and Gorat Suton.

The big two, of course, are the guards but what I’m hearing is they are as much fall-back positions as players who are right at the top of the Raptors list. Toronto’s still focused – and should be, without question – on getting a two or a three with that No. 9 pick.

But if all the good twos and threes that they like are gone, you have to think Holiday or Flynn would be pretty good alternatives.

Still, by no means is anyone’s mind made up in Toronto, they’ve got a lot of guys still on their radar and are no closer to making a decision on a specific pecking order today than they were two weeks ago.”

I suppose my headline might have been slightly off-base. Like Smith says, and I think he’s right, Flynn and Holiday are both options, though neither are really what the Raptors need. And I think this year’s draft will really come down to team needs (and I’ll write about this more in the near future), considering picks 4-15 are all considered similar in talent. The Raptors desperately need a wing player to score, and picking a solid point guard won’t help (and might even hurt the development of Roko Ukic), but a lot will depend on picks 1-8, which will be unpredictable.

Of course, these predraft workouts could easily change management’s mindset heading into the draft. While the talent is considered mostly equal across the board, certain players will pan out, while others won’t. Certain teams in this league (Portland, Portland, Portland) always seem to end up with a good player, regardless of draft position, and it really comes down to evaluating talent properly, and being savvy with trades. There’s a lot of pressure on Bryan Colangelo to make the right pick this year, and there will be a whole lot of speculation to come. Here’s hoping the team doesn’t screw up this pick.

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