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On Fan 590 Tonight– thanks to Mike S.

– open phones with Faulds from 4:05 to 4:40
– co-host from 5:00 to 7:00 is Jim Kelley
– Nik Kypreos Sportsnet on hockey
– Ted Rechtshaffen, president & CEO of TriDelta Financial Partners
– Bryan Colangelo on the today’s trade
– Scott Ackles, Stamps President

On 640 with Brady and Watters:

430 Curtis Joseph, Toronto Maple Leafs
440 Matt Duchene, NHL Prospect
610 Scott Morrison, Inside The NHL
640 James Sharman, The Footy Show


You know I am a huge Cujo fan. Interested to hear what he has to say. I hope it is that he is going to retire…. Kypreos is a lot like Watters, good in small doses. Right now he is way over exposed. The financial person on with Faulds will be talking sports franchise values, would be very good with Mccown…in this case, not so sure. Colangelo appears to have gotten some toughness. Dan likes the pickup so let’s hear what the boss has to say. Ackles, ummmm, yawn. Sorry. Don’t know about you, but I have 0 interest in listening to NHL prospects talk. Let me guess, he is just happy to be here, doesn’t care where he gets drafted, hope he can help a team, yadda yadda yadda. Scott Morrison, well there is a ton of stuff to talk about today other than the game. Sutter out in Calgary, word on Keenan in Vancouver, Heatley, I am sure tonights game too. Sharman will be good for humor, can’t wait to hear what Wilbur has to offer.


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