No Shame In Losing To Red Wings

Over the last couple of days I have been quite surprised at the banter over the fate and gasp reputation of the Pittsburgh Penguins. As you know I am not a huge supporter of Sid the kid, but I am not so much of an idiot to recognize his place in the NHL elite. He is an awesome talent and despite my current distaste is clearly one of the best if not the best players in the league.

On the other side of the rink is a machine. If an arm falls off, it appears another one instantly grows back. The Detroit Red Wings are a modern day dynasty whether they win the cup this year or not. Anyone want to wager on them being in the final four next year????? They have endless depth at nearly every position and for every aging vet there magically appears an equally as talented and hungry rookie.

It is then baffling to me to hear and read over the last couple of days that the Penguins reputation may suffer should they lose to the Red Wings again this fall. That is total bs says I. There is no shame in losing to the machine. To finish a top the eastern division 2 years in a row is a coup. Look at where they were earlier in the year and their place in the finals is nothing short of awesome.

“The danger of which Pittsburgh must be aware- even Bylsma, who wasn’t part of last year’s six game defeat by the same red wings- is that the Penguins are approaching another defininf moment for their franchise, and it if goes badly, it won’t be the definition they were looking for.”

That from Cam Cole. No one wants to lose. Losing to these guys two years in a row isn’t the shameful fate many are portraying this to be. Its not like the lost to a one year wonder. There was a time that the Red Wings were not the best in the league. Loses to San Jose and toronto in the playoffs discouraged that team too. Good teams realize that the window to win with certain players is small and when unsuccesful you move on. Detroit is the model. There is no shame in losing to that team in the finals 2 years in a row.

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