He let Carlos Delgado leave as a free agent…unfortunate, but understandable.

He signed AJ Burnett to a ridiculous contract, including an opt out clause and Burnett opted out and signed with the Yankees…somewhat forgivable.

If J.P. Ricciardi even thinks of trading Roy Halladay he should be fired on the spot and never allowed to be a general manager of another team.

Let’s face it Doc Halladay is the best pitcher in Major League Baseball. If he continues to throw the ball the way we are used to seeing he may be remembered as one of the all-time greats. When you have a pitcher that is as dominant as Halladay you do everything in your power to hold on to this player, because you never know when another one will come along.

Sure some people out there argue that trading Halladay at a time when he is still somewhat young and a valuable asset to pretty much every team in the league is the right thing to do. You hear them say that what Toronto would get in return would be too much to turn down. Well, I say these people are IDIOTS.

Yes, every GM in the league would salivate at the chance of getting their hands on a pitcher as talented as Halladay, but what would Toronto get in return, some young arms? Toronto has those. Young bats? Yes, they have some of those too. A true clean-up hitter? Okay, they are in dire need of one of those, but you can always pick one up through free agency. There is also the argument out there to get some prospects. Do you know what you get with prospects? Potential. What you have with Halladay is guaranteed.

So far this season Doc’s record is 10-1, the best in the majors. (It would be 12-1 if the bullpen didn’t blow the game against Baltimore and manager Cito Gaston had left him in versus the Braves.) He leads the league in innings pitched, is third in strikeouts and is in the top ten for ERA. He’s already thrown three complete games, including an unbelievable performance against former teammate Burnett and the hated Bronx Bombers. The only pitcher that you can say has had a better season so far is Zack Greinke, but lets face it for a guy with that much potential he’s still got a lot more to prove.

Halladay’s won a CY Young award. He consistently leads the league in complete games and innings pitched. He’s the king of the ground ball and barring any type of career ending injury should be the next pitcher to reach 300 games. (That’s right I said it.) So why in the world would you ever think of trading him? In the Sports Illustrated annual executive and scout poll asking who are top five players they would pick to start a franchise, Halladay was in the top ten.

Halladay is under contract with Toronto until the end of the 2010 season. If the Jays were smart they would hand the man a blank cheque and have him filled out the total and let him tell them how long he wants to sign for. Anyone who’s ever watched him pitch, know he’s worth every penny.

Sticking with the Jays:

• Wouldn’t it be absolutely disgraceful if Aaron Hill doesn’t make the All Star team? He’s batting over .300 with 14 homeruns and 43 RBIs. Kinsler and Pedroia may have a couple better stats, but overall Hills has them beat.
• Remember that deal that J.P. was working on? The one where Alex Rios would have been sent to the Giants in exchange for Tim Lincecum. That would have been awesome. Especially since Rios’ play in the field and at the plate has taken a nosedive and Lincecum won a CY Young. If you need any more evidence check out his latest collapse on YouTube.
• Is there anyone else out there who thinks Vernon Wells should be batting in the three spot? His best years at the plate were hitting in that spot. Keep Marco Scutaro and Hill in their spots, move up Wells and drop Rios to the ninth spot. Adam Lind has proven he can hit in the clean-up spot.
• What’s up with the pitching staff under Brad Arnsberg. First BJ Ryan, then Casey Janssen, Dustin McGowan, Shaun Marcum and now Jesse Litsch; all of them missing huge chunks of playing time due to major surgery. Coincidence, I think not.

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