Penguins Got Game

I will admit it, I thought this was a no brainer. I thought the Red Wings would win this one 5 or 6 nothing. I really did. In other games this series they quite simple manhandled the Penguins that I thought this one would be a walk in the park.

Instead, the Penguins dominated this game. They did it in large part without Sidney Crosby too. I will say this. I gave them no credit, and no chance. I am pretty impressed with the Penguins now. Very glad for Hal Gill, Dan Bylsma, Peter Sykora, Miro Satan. The save that Fleury made at the end of the game is the best save he will EVER make. He robbed Lidstrom. Lidstrom is going to have nightmares tonight for sure.

The good news is for us is that the 2008-9 season is OVER. Less than 2 weeks to the draft and Brian Burke is on the clock!

Highlight of the night had to be Howard Berger roaming around on the ice with what sure looked like a VIDEO CAMERA…


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