Argos, Maple Leafs, Monster, Coyotes & Princess Bride

Jonas The Monster Gustavsson arrives in Toronto on Friday for a three day tour. I hope Howard Berger takes the video camera with him to capture some more keepsakes of the Monster Reality tour! Question for you all, you are Brian Burke and you know that you have to put on a good show. Colorado rolled out Forsberg and Sakic to show the Monster around. Whom does Brian Burke call upon???? Seriously??? Curtis Joseph? Daryl Sittler? Borje Salming?? Niklas Hagman??? Can we agree that as the roster sits right now, or at least as of this Friday when he arrives, there just isn’t anyone all that impressive, at least not to a young goalie from overseas?? I have to think this is a problem, don’t you???? Now the new goalie coach will help, and had Mr. Sundin still have been here, that too would have…..What’s a man to do??????? For the record, I am offering my services to help show The Monster all that Toronto has to offer, the TSM Toronto Reality Tour would almost entirely ensure that he signed here.

So I read that Balsille was preparing another offer for the Coyotes and I almost cried. I mean, how much longer does this have to go on?????? Someone, please wake me up when this over. If you want to hear a great interview on the whole Coyotes fiasco, and that is what this is, a fiasco, point your browser over to 640 Toronto and give a listen to an interview that Brady and Watters did with the lawyer for the Coyotes ownership group Thomas Salerno. He is a renowned expert on bankruptcy especially in Arizona. He really explained all the issues and where things are right now. Compare that with with interview they did with Rodier, Balsillie’s lawyer and you will see exactly what I mean. You can listen to both here

Here’s my take on the ARGO financing issue. First, the best line I saw multiple times today had to be, without question, if these guys needed help to buy the Argos how are they going to buy the Coyotes??? More importantly, this issue stinks. If it’s kosher, why didn’t the league know about it? Forget what the public/press knew… It’s like in the nhl where bettman’s 2 henchmen lending money under the table to boots….that shouldn’t happen in these leagues. It’s not that it happens that is so bothersome, it’s that the league didn’t know. Why hide it if it is above table?

The reality is, and you know this, if someone does you a favor of this magnitude, whether they exert any control or not, you will act differently towards them, it’s just human nature. Maybe an issue comes up that – is irrelevant to you but you will support them just because they lent you $, or you make different deals because you don’t want to hurt them….Not suggesting anything was done overtly, but wouldn’t surprise me if things were done differently for that team and that guy as a result. And that’s not because the argo guys aren’t good guys- it’s just natural and why the league should know it is going on to monitor this type of thing…. The big question is, if Bill Watters is saying he knew, how is it possible that the league didn’t know???

How great is this quote from Ottawa Senators GM Bryan Murray? “Murray said Sens head coach Corey Clouston was “devastated” by the news, especially because he’s been cited as the reason Heatley wants out.

“That’s not totally true,” said Murray. “It is part of the reason.”

Remember the scene in the Princess Bride with Billy Crystal- He’s only MOSTLY DEAD????(see below) Interesting precedent Murray is setting for the rest of his team, if you don’t like the coach and you complain we will grant your wish- isn’t their a line about letting the inmates run the asylum? Speaking of Watters, he did say today that he wouldn’t give up anything in a trade for Heatly. Now you know I am not a Healtey fan, BUT even I know that he is one hell of a talent, even at his salary.

Scott Morrison said today that he thinks the big bucks for the UFA’s isn’t going to be there this year. Yes the top dogs will get their coin, but there has been next to no talk about teams resigning their own guys which suggests that teams want to see what the market is before taking the plunge. Let’s hope that Brian Burke is smart enough to do the same and overspend big time to get players ala Cliff Fletcher and JFJ.


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