Please Let Kevin Allen Be Right On Sedins and Jay Bo

Kevin Allen, USA Today’s longtime hockey guru, and one of my favourite hockey writer’s lists the hockey rumours that he doesn’t believe are true. He doesn’t list our beloved Maple Leafs anywhere but has a couple that have implications for the blue and white. Kevin doesn’t believe that:

“That the Vancouver Canucks will let the Sedin twins leave town as unrestricted free agents. They seem to want to stay there and even from my desk two time zones over I can see there is a deal that can be made. It’s going to come down GM Mike Gillis’ creative ability to give them the superstar contract while giving himself some flexibility to sign other players. I feel strongly that it’s going to get done”


Kevin also doesn’t believe that:

“Jay Bouwmeester will end up in the Western Conference. Eastern teams appreciate more what Boumeester can do, and many teams are looking for the premium defenseman to have on the ice against players like Sidney Crosby or Evgeni Malkin or Alex Ovechkin.”

I would so much rather see him come here.

t-minus 11 days till Burke makes a splash of some sort. Cue the rumours- good ones only PLEASE.

For right now, I will take, please let Kevin Allen be right on the these 2!


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