Kaberle Gone Wild????

Now the good folks at the Score had a juicy rumor last week that a deal was done between the Ducks and Kings, so far that hasn’t proven to be true. That one was from Steve Ludzik. Now I am told, and I didn’t see it that big Al Strachan (insert comment here) has been spewing the following rumour:

To Minnesota Wild:
Tomas Kaberle

To Toronto Maple Leafs:
Marek Zidlicky
Josh Harding

Don’t shoot the messenger and given the source, take it with a large grain of salt…

Here are the details on this rumour:

Marek Zidlicky $3,350,000 for next season then he is an UFA
Josh Harding RFA who made $725,000 last season.
Tomas Kaberle :$4,250,000 this season and next season

For my 2 cents, I would hope if Burke is going to move Kaberle he would do better than this. Also, I would suspect that this won’t happen if Burke lands the Monster… Thoughts?

Don’t shoot the messenger!

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