The Monster Arrives!

Well, Jonas The Monster Gustavsson arrives in the Big Smoke today for the last stop on his reality tour. Here’s hoping Burke has his Sunday’s Best on and a hole host of impressive things to do as in other cities The Monster has been wined and dined. Get a load of what The Monster took in Dallas according to Damien:

“was wined and dined by the Stars and the team’s new GM, Joe Nieuwendyk. He threw out the first pitch at the Texas Rangers game in Arlington, had dinner with Dallas captain Brendan Morrow and even met former U.S. President George Bush at the ballgame.”

I hope that MLSE’s own George Costanza has an equally impressive plan for the kid. While what the team does to impress him shouldn’t really matter, it will be impossible for him not to take those type of things into consideration. Now a GM could say that he doesn’t want a player to come to his team only because he was wined and dined and shown the bright lights of the city…but we won’t go there. So here is my question to you.. If you are Brian Burke, what do you do when The Monster hits the red carpet today, what is your three day itinerary?


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