Healy’s Big Mouth Right On This Time….Leafs In Winter Classic?

The hell with Chris Shult’s Moustache, let’s talk about Glenn Healy’s never quiet mouth. Yes the two lips that will eventually get him fired from his role at the NHLPA. LT said to me this am that he thinks Healey would make a great GM one day. Healy did more lobbying for the Leafs job prior to JFJ’s hiring than Maclean has done for every opening since his latest dismissal. Can you imagine the way Healy talks about the game and the owners that one of them would actually hire him???

The funny thing is, this time he is actually right. Does he say it the right way? That is for his boss to decide:

““You need to have leverage and rights before you can take a position,” “We have no ability to dictate anything.
“We were told in September that the team was okay. We were told in February that the team was okay. In fact, at that point, [the NHL] had already infused tens of millions of dollars into the team. Any media outlet that wrote that the team was in trouble was ridiculed.”

Healy is right on both account, yet doesn’t seem to listen to himself. The players signed the current CBA and are therefore fully aware of their legal position, the only one they have to blame for that is themselves. He is right that they have no power, that is the deal they signed. It’s funny how he says you need to have leverage before you take a position, the inference is that the players have no leverage…yet he goes on to take a position. What Healy is saying is that Bettman Inc. lied to the PA the same way they lied to the public. Sounds like a position to me though….

“So from that standpoint, we basically had the burlap bag over our heads with regards to the Phoenix situation, which is disappointing because we consider ourselves major stakeholders in the game, and it affects not only our 23 players there, but a whole bunch of players who used to play there as well.”

The players can consider themselves whatever they want, right now, by the CBA they signed they are working stiffs like the rest of us. The NHL is management and the players are the workers. The only way that will change is through collective bargaining and to get the changes Healy wants you will be talking about a lockout that would last years. Name one other industry where the union and management are on equal footing??? It just doesn’t happen. In the NHL the fact that it doesn’t happen is beneficial to the players. Would they be willing to share in the losses that ownership may suffer from time to time. If a team loses money, would the players on that team be willing to give some cash back, I mean partners right????? Don’t get me wrong, the fact that Bettman lied to the public is wrong. The fact that he lied to the union is really shitty.

“My approach was, we’ve got some of the best stuff going on, on the ice, in a long time,” Healy said. “The problem is, we’ve taken the game from the sports page to the business page, and the quicker we can get it off the business page, the better it is.”

Translation, the players have fixed the on ice issues (to a degree), however Bettman is failing on the business end. Hard to disagree when you consider the rumors about all the teams in trouble. Where one day I may have suggested that we shouldn’t believe the rumors about the other teams troubles, given Mr. Bettman’s ever increasing nose, it’s hard to believe anything that comes out of his mouth these days…

Soooo, the winter classic may expand from 1 game to 2…hell why not just do all games on that day outside??? Just kidding, if this brings big time attention to the league then it’s a good thing. I still say they should use it as the All-Star game and dump that loser of an “event” instead of what they claim is a big winner. I watch most Leafs game on TV anyways so the fact that one more is going to be on TV isn’t going to make a difference to me.

Anyone see the Monster today???


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