Howie Sees The Monster A Coming

Im sorry, but last year when outlets had sources in Sweden close to Mats Sundin, I thought we learned our lesson about just how dumb that sounded…. I mean, come on…..

Leave it to Howard to kick of this years rumor season with his own sources in Sweden, at this stage I may need to launch to keep up on all the hockey rumors….

“One of my trusted bird-dogs from Sweden has spoken with the people representing Jonas Gustavsson, and he is convinced the Maple Leafs stand an excellent chance of landing the free agent goalie.”

I know he is using the bird dog thing in jest…

The good news, is that for the most part Howard doesn’t usually report dead wrong rumors. If someone is chirping in his ear and he is reporting it he has a fairly decent track record. His problem is, in my opinion that he just doesn’t break any scoops anymore….Guess it’s only a problem if you think that’s a key part of the job….

““Originally, it was thought that Jonas would take his time making a decision, but it sounds like he was really blown away by the Leafs,” the source insisted. “I wouldn’t be surprised if he chooses Toronto rather quickly. The sense I get is that Brian Burke put together a plan that did an excellent job of convincing Jonas about the opportunity with the Maple Leafs. Apparently, he really liked the city as well. So, I think the Leafs are right at the front of the line among teams pursuing him, though he hasn’t yet indicated which way he’ll turn.”

Funny thing is then, that not much has changed since the reality tour. Most handicappers were saying that this was for the Leafs to blow and if Howie is right they haven’t so far.

The best part to me anyway is that the Monster seemed to have been more impressed with the substance of hockey as opposed to the other stuff he was shown elsewhere:

“the Leafs’ pitch was more hockey-centric than those from other clubs, particularly Dallas, which apparently did everything except allow Gustavsson to fire rubber bullets from the sixth floor of the old Texas Schoolbook Depository Building. “The Stars really went all out for Jonas, and he likes the people in their organization, especially [new GM] Joe Nieuwendyk,” I was told. “They took him to many different events and you probably heard that he was introduced to (former U.S. president) George W. Bush. But, the Leafs were a bit more focussed in their presentation. They stuck to hockey, and the potential future for him to be the No. 1 goalie on an improving team.”

That’s a very good sign if he ends up here. At least we know he is here for the right reasons.

We shall see if Howies track record stays intact or goes down…50-50 on this one..


You can read howie here

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June 23, 2009 10:14 am

I hope Howie’s Swedish contacts are right. Still don’t get why some tie the Monster signing with the teams desire to/not to sign Pogge. If the Monster comes to Toronto, does he not automatically become the backup? Unless you have a new 19 year old goal tending prospect; why not re-sign Pogge to play for the Marlies? Maybe he’s a late bloomer or needs Allaire to help him out?

If Jonas and Toskala play well this year; Tosk could be a nice trade able asset at the deadline – likely Burke’s thinking.

June 23, 2009 12:38 pm

There’s nothing wrong with a little depth at the goaltending position.Sign the Monster,sign Pogge, and draft a prospect in the later rounds.At this point Pogge has lost his shine, but keeping him around for another season or two in the minors can’t hurt.The worst that can happen is he finally gets his shiz together and becomes an asset

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