Draft Shmaft!

I had the chance to talk to a long time NHL executive today about a myriad of topics, the bulk of which centered around the upcoming weeks in the NHL off-season. I asked the draft guru 2 questions. First, if you were Garth Snow, who would you pick first?

“To be honest, I would trade down. There is no real consensus pick this year, and given that, I would trade down, assuming I could get some other assets for doing so. However, I get the sense that the Islanders have are really focused on a new building and the need for a marquee name, if that’s the case then the only pick they can make is John Tavares.”

The second question i asked, not surprisingly was,if you were picking first for any other team, who would you pick?

“There are some exceptionally talented players available this year. The reason i said I would trade down is simply because you could throw a blanket on the top 8 players in the draft and have no clue who is the best player of the lot. The differences in them is so slight that you really can’t go wrong with any of them. Having said that, if I pass on Tavares, I had better be pretty comfortable with my position and the kid I am picking because the hype is big on him and he is the one player who could turn out to be really special. If you pass on him and he lives up to the hype, then your reputation will be tied to passing over him. That isn’t easy to overcome in our business.”

As you may have noticed, I don’t do mock drafts or really comment on them. I leave that to the guru’s and those smarter than I. However, I find it intriguing that someone as experienced as this guy is said just how deep this years draft is. This is one of my favorite times of year as a hockey fan, I guess it comes with not having our team in the playoffs for so long.

Thursday night come to TSM for a live NBA/Toronto Raptor blog, where Dan and a basketball crew will be breaking down the 2009 NBA draft for you.

As for the draft…….

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