Koules In Charge Of Lightning

A wise man once said, and I was reminded of this when talking about the Tampa Bay Lightning earlier today, follow the money….With that in mind, you can see why Gary Bettman has given Oren Koules final say on all things Lightning right now. Koules has the money.

What does this mean? Well, if Barrie wanted to keep Vincent Lecavalier and Koules was in favor of trading him……you know how to finish that sentence.

I am told by folks close to the scene that both Koules and Barrie are looking for investors right now, but that no one wants to invest when they know that if these two guys fail, Palace Sports and Entertainment will take the team from them and then sell it cheaper without having to carry either Koules or Barrie.

Follow the money folks, look for Tampa to be very active this weekend.


Erik Erlendsson has a good post on this right now here

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