Happy Anniversary!

So, it was one year ago today that I got off my ass and decided to start putting finger to keyboard and launch Torontosportsmedia.com. Who would have guessed that one year later, my little site would be home to 30,000 set of unique eyeballs a month and over a 100,000 pageviews. I must say I am humbled.

TSM started in part out of frustration and in part out of the love of the game. Frustration with how our teams and games are covered and I think the love the of the game thing is obvious. I was fortunate enough to spend some time in the business when I wore a younger man’s clothes and I realized that I missed it and wanted a way to stay involved. This site has allowed me to do just that. I don’t fancy myself an insider or one who knows much of anything more than the average fan. I just like taking the time to talk to people, to listen and then to express myself on my Apple Macintosh laptop (when it’s not dead).

I have to say I owe a lot to several folks for getting the site to where it is. There are, of course the oopmah loompas behind the scene who have helped a non-techy look sharp and sophisticated (the good folks at hooplah, onroad, Alan, Slava and anyone else I am forgetting). I have had the helping hand of my good man LT from day one. He is a super fan, a great fill in and loves the teams and games as much as I do. The many many sites that link to TSM on a daily basis are just awesome. I am in awe of the spectacular work that you folks to each and every day. Whether or not blogging is accepted in the mainstream sports media, there are some amazing, truly amazing writers out there and I tip my hats to each of you.

To those of you who have emailed me, reached to me, offering advice, information and news and just plain support I hope that the site is what you have hoped. I enjoy “speaking” to you about the business and look forward to doing so in the future. Thanks to those who have also taken the time to do a podcast, there should be more time to do more this year as I have help in doing so and learned the tricks of the trade.

To the many folks who have been kind enough to write for the site, I thank you on behalf of all the readers as well, Anthony, Victor, RotoRob Dan and Lilly.

Most of all, I thank those of you who come back each and every day to read what I have to say. I especially appreciate all those who comment, post and take part in the conversation. I know many don’t agree with me or my views or those of other readers, but you have validated my hunch, that there is an appettie for this type of information on a daily basis. To my man Mike S for helping with the radio lineups, to Eggbert, Daniel, Julian, Wendel, PPP, The Meatriarchy, Mike, EYE, Al from Burlignton, and of course Nealio, keep it coming fellas….If I forgot someone shame on me.

Here’s to another good year of sports in the Toronto and cheers to those who cover it.

Make sure you check out Dan’s NBA draft coverage tonight, we will be back tomorrow afternoon with NHL draft coverage.

This little tidbit just popped up on the Globe site:

“Maybe Brian Burke has a trading partner before the NHL entry draft, after all. Atlanta Thrashers general manager Don Waddell admitted Wednesday he is listening to tenders for the fourth overall selection at the draft Friday evening, and he revealed he has swapped trade ideas with his Toronto Maple Leafs counterpart. “We’re certainly going to look at the trade market, but we’ve had no serious offers,” said Waddell, who was asked if he has been contacted by Burke. “We have talked to everyone. He has a better chance of getting to No.1 if he already has the [No.]4.”

Earlier tonight Darren Dreger announced that he has learned that Burke is actively shopping the #7 overall pick in attempt to secure a current roster player who can help now, and no that roster player is not, according to double D, Vincent Lecavailier. Dreger is saying that the Isles are going to stay away from John Tavares and draft Victor Hedman. This to me should be good news for Burke. If he really wants to get Tavares, he has a better shot trading to 2 then he does to 1. I can’t imagine too many current roster guys he can get in exchange for the 7th pick that I would really want (and that are realistic returns).

rumour on the globe is here

I love this quote from Bettman on the Tampa situation:

“I think sometimes they get a little overblown. When you have partnerships, people don’t always see eye to eye on everything, it’s like a marriage, like friendships, like all relationships,” he told a news conference in Montreal after a meeting of the league’s board of governors. “Sometimes these issues come to more of a head because people in other businesses are under more pressure. I don’t think any of them warrant the amount of attention that they’re getting, but they’re there and they’re all being dealt with.”

Ummmm, given your history with honesty on these matters mr. commissioner, I am finding this response to be anything but credible or the least bit believable.

Bettman is here

Andy Strickland has a pretty good rumour on his ESPN blog:

“Word is Phoenix turned down an offer from Toronto that would have sent Ed Jovanovski and the 6th overall pick to the Leafs for Kaberle. I hear Phoenix didn’t want to give up the pick.”

Let’s hope they change their mind, eh EYE??

The next couple of days should be amazing folks, lots of speculation and tons to talk about…Keep tuned to all the outlets and of course to TSM for the updates…

Thanks again to all, this has been really, really fun.


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